History - Part IV

1 year to 20 years after ROJ

1 year after ROJ
X-Wing Rogue Squadron:
In the Empire's Service
Making of Baron Fel

Family Ties

Mandatory Retirement

Dark Forces:
Rebel Agent

Boba Fett:
Twin Engines of Destruction

Glove of Darth Vader
Lost City of the Jedi
Zorba the Hutt's Revenge
Mission From Mount Yoda
Queen of the Empire
Prophets of the Dark Side

SPIN, the Senate Interplanetary Intelligence Network, is formed by Alliance
Trioculus pretends to be Palpatine's Son
Takes the Glove of Vader to be Heir
SPIN is disbanded
Palpatine's life essence reforms in clone labs on Byss

CorSec agents Corran Horn, Gil Bastra, Iella Wessiri & Diric Wessiri flee Corellia

2 years after ROJ
Dark Forces:
Jedi Knight

X-Wing Saga:
Rogue Squadron

"Missed Chance"
Diric Wessiri is captured by Imperial agents
Rogue Squadron reactivated
Rogues beginning planning stages for liberation of Coruscant
Rogue Squadron claims the Imperial world of Borleias
Borleias becomes staging-ground for Coruscant attack

3 years after ROJ
X-Wing Saga:
Wedge's Gamble
Krytos Trap
Bacta War

"Conflict of Interest"
"A Glimmer of Hope"

Coruscant claimed by the Alliance
Coruscant becomes capitol of New Republic
Deadly plague ravages non-humans across Coruscant
Thyferra seized by Imperial Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard
SSD Lusankya destroyed
Rogue Squadron liberates Thyferra from Imperials
Zekk is born on the planet Ennth

4 years after ROJ
X-Wing Saga:
Wraith Squadron

Iron Fist
Solo Command

Courtship of Princess Leia

"First Contact"
"Hutt and Seek"

Wraith Squadron formed
Talon Squadron destroyed
Wraiths and Rogues hunt Warlord Zsinj
SSD Razor's Kiss destroyed
SSD Iron Fist believed destroyed

Warlord Zsinj defeated by New Republic & Hapan fleet
Han Solo marries Princess Leia Organa on Coruscant
Prince Isolder marries Teneniel Djo, a Dathomir Witch
Grand Admiral Thrawn returns from the Unknown Regions
Thrawn takes command of Captain Pellaeon's fleet
Imperial fleet begins reassembling
Preparations begin on Byss for Palpatine's return to power
Pash Cracken leads New Republic starfighters against Imperial forces at Xyquine

5 years after ROJ
Isard's Revenge

The Thrawn Saga:

"Retreat from Coruscant"

FreiTek Inc introduces the E-wing starfighter
Grand Admiral Thrawn killed by Noghri bodyguard

Jacen and Jaina Solo are born on Coruscant
Tenel Ka, daughter of Prince Isolder and Teneniel Djo, is born on Hapes

Pellaeon & the remaining Imperial fleet flee to Galactic Core
Empire rallies, series of lightning raids on New Republic-held space
Coruscant falls within weeks of Thrawn's defeat
New Republic sets up headquarters on Da Soocha V
Civil War erupts between the Imperial Navy & Emperor's Ruling Circle
Emperor Palpatine finds those loyal to him

6 years after ROJ

Dark Empire II

Boba Fett - Death, Lies & Treachery:
Bounty on Bar-Kooda
When the Fat Lady Swings
Murder Most Foul

"No Disintegrations, Please"

Luke confronts Dark Jedi Kam Solusar in the derelict space city of Nespis
Luke turns Kam Solusar away from the Dark Side

Anakin Solo, son of Han and Leia, is born on Nespis VIII

7 years after ROJ

Empire's End
Crimson Empire
Bounty Hunters: Kenix Kil

Crimson Empire II - Council of Blood

Crimson Empire III

Jedi Academy Trilogy:

Jedi Search

Dark Apprentice

Champions of the Force

I, Jedi

Jedi Knight:
Mysteries of the Sith

Han Solo kills Emperor Palpatine's clone

New Republic is reestablished with Mon Mothma as Chief of State
Leia Organa Solo becomes Minister of State
Coruscant once again becomes the capital of the New Republic

New Republic frigate Boldheart encounters the Teljkon vagabond
The vagabond, an ancient ship of unknown origin, disables the frigate

Cion Marook of Hrasskis becomes a New Republic Senator
8 years after ROJ

Children of the Jedi


Starfighters of Adumar

New Republic General Crix Madine is killed
Jedi Knight Dorsk 81 dies
defending Jedi Academy

Senator Gaerial Captison and former Imperial Pter Thanas are married on Bakura
9 years after ROJ

Planet of Twilight
Jedi Academy:

Valin Horn, son of Corran & Mirax, is born
Lando Calrissian and Mara Jade, on a mission for Talon Karrde, try to find Jorj Car'das
Lando & Mara foil an assassination attempt on crime boss Lord Bombassa on Pembric 2

Plothis, information broker and smuggler, is killed by a customer in Esau's Ridge

10 years after ROJ

Crystal Star
Malinza, daughter of Gaerial Captison and Pter Thanas, is born on the planet Bakura

11 years after ROJ

Luke discovers a student, Brakiss, is a spy and tries to turn him from the Dark Side
Brakiss is forced to look at the Darkness within himself
Brakiss flees Yavin IV, frightened by what Luke has shown him

12 years after ROJ

Black Fleet Crisis:

Before the Storm

Shield of Lies

Tryant's Test

New Hopetown on the planet Ennth is destroyed in a volcanic eruption
Zekk, a nine year old boy, survives New Hopetown's destruction
Zekk stows away onboard the cargo ship Lightning Rod
Zekk travels to Coruscant, where he lives with Peckhum, pilot of the Lightning Rod

13 years after ROJ

New Rebellion
"Jade Solitare"

14 years after ROJ

Corellian Trilogy:

Ambush at Corellia

Assault at Selonia

Showdown at Centerpoint

15 years after ROJ

Hand of Thrawn Saga:

Specter of the Past

Vision of the Future

Imperial Remnant surrenders to the New Republic
Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn retire from military service
Corran Horn devotes his full time to being a Jedi Knight

Boba Fett captures the Butcher of Montellian Serat, the Devaronian Labria
Labria is executed on the planet Devaron
Boba Fett confronts Han Solo on Jubilar
During the stalemate, Fett & Solo decide to let each other live

16 years after ROJ


Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are married on Coruscant
Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson & Derek "Hobbie" Klivian retire from Rogue Squadron
Gavin Darklighter assumes command of Rogue Squadron

18 years after ROJ
Junior Jedi Knights:
The Golden Globe
Lyric's World

Anakin's Quest
Vader's Fortress
Kenobi's Blade

ExGal-4 outpost established on the planet Belkadan to search for life outside the known galaxy
19 years after ROJ

Young Jedi Knights:

Heirs of the Force

Shadow Academy

Lost Ones


Jedi Under Seige

Shards of Alderaan

Diversity Alliance

Delusions of Grandeur

Jedi Bounty

Emperor's Plague

Jysella Horn, daughter of Corran & Mirax, is born

20 years after ROJ

Young Jedi Knights:

Return to Ord Mantell

Trouble on Cloud City

Crisis at Crystal Reef

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