History - Part III
Immediately before ANH to Immediately after ROJ

Immediately before ANH
Tarkin visits Maw for last time
Rebels free Ackbar from Imperials
Rebels intercept Death Star plans
Death Star operational, destroys Despayre

The Farlander Papers

Dark Forces:
Solider for the Empire
"Interlude at Darkknell"

Episode IV:
Star Wars - A New Hope

Tales from Mos Esiley Cantina
Qorl crashes into Yavin's jungles
Vader returns to the Emperor
Immediately after ANH

Classic Star Wars:
In Deadly Pursuit

"Tinian on Trial"
"A Certain Point of View"

Vader's Quest
Marvel - "Dark Lord's Gambit"

Star Wars Holiday Special
Blackthrone - "Star Wars 3D"
Classic Star Wars:
The Early Adventures

River of Chaos
Galaxy of Fear:
Eaten Alive
City of the Dead
Planet Plague
The Nightmare Machine
Ghost of the Jedi

Army of Terror

Civil war breaks out on the planet Anobis
Former Imperial pilot Tycho Celchu joins the Rebel Alliance

1 year after ANH

Splinter of the Mind's Eye

N64 - Rogue Squadron

Galaxy of Fear:
The Brain Spiders
The Swarm
The Doomsday Ship
The Hunger

Shadow Stalker
Classic Star Wars:
The Rebel Storm
Kyle Katarn discovers Dark Trooper project
Katarn infiltrates secret Arc Hammer installation
Imperial Dark Trooper project destroyed
Death Star designer Bevel Lemelisk flees in fear
Lemelisk found and punished by the Emperor
Second Death Star begins construction at Endor
Imperial forces attack and seize control of the planet Bakura
Imperial Major Soontir Fel marries actress Wynssa Starflare (Syal Antilles)

Lando Calrissian stops the Norulac pirates in the Battle of Taanab
Kyp Durron and his parents are sent to spice mines of Kessel
Zeth Durron is sent to the Imperial Military Academy on Carida

2 years after ANH
Classic Star Wars:
Escape to Hoth
The Ewoks
Ackbar recruits Verpines to develop the B-wing fighter
Vice-Admiral Thrawn assaults Rebel outposts
3 years after ANH

Episode V:
The Empire Strikes Back

Tales of the Bounty Hunters
The Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage
Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

Rebel convoy on the way to Hoth is attacked by the 181st TIE Group at Derra IV
Entire convoy destroyed, including Commander Narra of Red Squadron

Booster Terrik released from Kessel after serving a five-year sentence
Vice-Admiral Thrawn promoted to Admiral
Imperial Admiral Harkov plots defection to the Rebellion
Admiral Harkov subdues Sepan civil war
Lord Vader & the Emperor learn of Admiral Harkov's plans
Admiral Harkov's forces go into hiding

Prince Xizor meets with the Emperor
Vader recovers Luke's hand & saber, taken to Wayland
Kirtan Loor becomes Imperial Liaison to the Corellian Security Force
Immediately after ESB

TIE Fighter:
The Steele Chronicles

"Side Trip"
"Wind Raiders of Taloraan"
"Slaying Dragons"
"The Longest Fall"
Galaxy - "Emperor's Trophy"
Galaxy -
"Assignment Decoy"

Shadows of the Empire

The Bounty Hunters:
Scoundrel's Wages

X-Wing Alliance

Rebel Assault II:
The Hidden Empire
Admiral Harkov captured and killed by Lord Vader
Imperial Admiral Zaarin develops TIE Advanced
Admiral Zaarin develops tractor beam weapon
TIE Defender developed by Admiral Zaarin
Admiral Zaarin assaults Emperor's forces
Imperial Civil War erupts
Zaarin's forces destroy TIE Advanced/Defender facilities
Remaining TIE Defenders brought to Admiral Thrawn
Assault Missile Gunboat developed by Admiral Thrawn
Emperor Palpatine promotes Thrawn to Grand Admiral
Thrawn learns of prototype Imperial cloaking device
Grand Admiral Thrawn prepares trap for Admiral Zaarin
Original Phantom TIE project begins under Admiral Sarrin
Phantom TIE project destroyed by Rebel saboteurs

Black Sun Crime Syndicate challenge Lord Vader & the Rebellion
Luke Skywalker returns to Tatooine, builds new saber
Hal Horn is killed by the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk.
Bossk is arrested by CorSec, but released under a technicality by Kirtan Loor

1 year after ESB

Episode VI:
Return of the Jedi

Tales From Jabba's Palace
The Jabba Tape

Bounty Hunter Wars
Mandalorian Armor
The Slave Ship
Hard Merchandise

Admiral Zaarin's forces attack the Emperor en route to Endor
Admiral Zaarin steals Imperial cloaking technology
Sole remaining Missile Gunboat sent to Wayland stronghold
Thrawn tracks prototype corvette to traitor's secret base
Thrawn's forces assault Admiral Zaarin's fleet
Admiral Zaarin's forces defeated by Grand Admiral Thrawn
Thrawn sent to subdue Unknown Regions by Emperor

Wes, Tycho, Hobbie survive Death Star assault
Star Destroyer Chimaera escapes under Captain Pellaeon
Emperor Palpatine's life essence escapes to Byss
Immediately after ROJ
Truce at Bakura

Mara Jade:
By the Emperor's Hand

Tales - "A Night on the Town"

X-Wing Rogue Squadron:
Rebel Opposition
Phantom Affair
Battleground Tatooine
Warrior Princess
Requiem for a Rogue

"Gathering Shadows"

Shadows of the Empire:

Danni Quee, future Belkadan colonist, is born
Moruth Doole takes over the spice mines of Kessel

Sate Pestage heads the government on Coruscant after the Emperor's death
Tycho Celchu infiltrates Coruscant in a stolen Imperial TIE Fighter
Tycho Celchu captured and imprisoned by Imperials
Tycho escapes Lusankya prison facility

Imperial starship repair yard at N'zoth is seized by the Yevethan underground
Nil Spaar claims control of Black Fleet in the name of the Yevetha Protectorate

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