History - Part II

99 years to 0 years before ANH

97 years before ANH
Bakuran Droid Uprising

92 years before ANH
Ki-Adi-Mundi is born on Cerea

?? years before ANH
Qui-Gon Jinn is born

89 years before ANH
Mining Colony established on Eol Sha

88 years before ANH
Ki-Adi-Mundi is found by Jedi Master "Dark Woman"
Ki-Adi-Mundi begins Jedi training under Yoda on Coruscant

82 years before ANH
Palpatine is born on Naboo

72 years before ANH
Shmi Skywalker -- mother of Anakin -- is born

Mace Windu is born

67 years before ANH
Star Wars:
Vow of Justice

57 years before ANH
Obi-Wan Kenobi is born

56 years before ANH
Dalla Solo, a.k.a. Suul, a.k.a. Dalla the Black, is born to Korol Solo

54 years before ANH
Bossk is born on Trandosha

52 years before ANH
Jar Jar Binks is born in the city of Otoh Gunga, on Naboo

49 years before ANH
Pter Thanas is born

48 years before ANH
Mon Mothma is born on Chandrila

46 years before ANH
Veruna is elected King of Naboo

Amidala, future Queen of Naboo, is born

45 years before ANH
Ta'Chume born on Hapes

44 years before ANH
Jedi Apprentice:
The Rising Force
The Dark Rival
The Hidden Past

The Katana Fleet of Dreadnaughts is lost in hyperspace

41 years before ANH
Anakin Skywalker is born

Jorj Car'das enters the smuggling business

38 years before ANH
Gardulla the Hutt loses slaves Shmi and Anakin Skywalker to Watto

Chirpa becomes chief of Ewok tribe on Endor

37 years before ANH
Future NRI Admiral Hiram Drayson is born on Chandrila

35 years before ANH
Thrackan Sal-Solo is born on Corellia

Amidala is elected Princess of Theed, capitol city of Naboo

33 years before ANH
Winima, grandmother of Princess Amidala, dies in Theed

Amidala is elected Queen of Naboo after the abdication of King Veruna
Star Wars:
Prelude to Rebellion

32 years before ANH

Episode I:
The Phantom Menance

Anakin Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Queen Amidala
Qui-Gon Jinn

Star Wars:

Akanah Pell is born to the Fallanassi

31 years before ANH
Lando Calrissian is born

30 years before ANH
Republic Exploratory expedition to Dagobah is lost

Syal Antilles, Wedge's sister, is born to Jagged and Zena

29 years before ANH
Han Solo is born on Corellia

Bria Tharen is born

28 years before ANH
Soontir Fel is born at an Agro-Combine on Corellia

27 years before ANH
Han Solo, a 3 year old orphan, is rescued from streets of Corellia by pirate Garris Shrike

26 years before ANH
Dark Jedi insurrection in the Bpfassh system
Jorj Car'das private ship is commandeered by one of the Dark Jedi
Jedi Master Yoda defeats several of the Dark Jedi on Dagobah

24 years before ANH
The Whiphid known as Lady Valarian is born on the planet Toola

23 years before ANH
Lieutenant Page, future Alliance Commando, is born on Corulag

Virgillian Civil War begins

22 years before ANH

Episode II:
Attack of the Clones

Biggs Darklighter is born on Tatooine

The Pike (a.k.a Pikkel) Sisters, Zu and Zan are born on planet Epicanthix

21 years before ANH
Marvel - "Silent Drifting"

Tycho Celchu is born on Alderaan

Prince Isolder born on Hapes

??? years before ANH
Jorus C'Baoth wins sanctioning of Outbound Flight Project
C'Baoth's ship destroyed by Thrawn's task force
Clone of C'Baoth created, it wanders galaxy

20 years before ANH

Episode III:

Revenge of the Sith

19 years before ANH
Greedo is born on Rodia

18 years before ANH
Luke & Leia born in hiding
Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader
Palpatine becomes self-proclaimed Emperor
Fall of the Old Republic
The Galactic Empire formed
Bail Organa bans all weapons from Alderaan

The Ghorman Massacre
Mon Mothma goes into hiding
Battle above Honoghr
Beginnings of the Galactic Civil War

Kenobi & Vader duel for first time
Slaughter of the Jedi begins
Darth Vader wipes out colony on Talasea for harboring a Jedi
Jedi Taj Junak surrenders at Mrlsst Planetary Academy to save Academy
Jedi Taj Junak is immediately slain by Imperial forces
Jedi Master Plett turns his fortress in Plawal on Belsavis into a Jedi sanctuary
Jedi Knight Callista & Geith are killed attempted to disarm Eye of Palpatine
Callista manages to store her life essence in the computer intelligence system

Corran Horn is born on Corellia

Mirax Terrik is born on Corellia

17 years before ANH
Wedge Antilles born on Corellia

Future Jedi Cray Mingla is born

Princess Mora is born on M'Haeli
Newborn Mora is the survivor of royal family after an Imperial assault
Mora is adopted and raised by Ch'no of the H'drachi

15 years before ANH
Qwi Xux is born on Omwat

Darth Vader kills Jedi Aidan Bok on the space station Nespis VIII

14 years before ANH
Jedi Empatojayos Brand flees during a battle with Darth Vader
Ganathans make Jedi Brand their ruler

Tendra Risant is born on Sacorria

Teroenza establishes the first Ylesian colony religious retreat
Ylesian colony is actually a slave camp for spice manufacturing

13 years before ANH
Zeth Durron is born on Deyer colony in the Anoat system

Jem Ysanna is born on Ossus

Tash Arranda is born on Alderaan

12 years before ANH
Han Solo is arrested for cheating at cards on Jubilar
Han is forced to fight in the All-Human Free-for-All against three other men
Han is the last man standing and wins the fight
Boba Fett kills Hallolar Voors on Jubilar

Zak Arranda is born on Alderaan
Teneniel Djo is born on Dathomir

11 years before ANH
Han Solo and Dengar participate in an illegal swoop race on Agrilat
Solo cause Dengar to crash into crystal swamp, severely injuring Dengar
Dengar is rehabilated and turned into an assassin by the Empire

Falynn Sandskimmer is born on Tatooine
Dev Sibwarra is born on Chandrila
Ghent is born on Baroli

10 years before ANH
Young Han Solo Trilogy:
The Paradise Snare

Soontir Fel gets into a fight with the son of the ExO for a large Corellian corporation
Fel is forced by company to enter the Imperial Academy or his family will suffer

Syal Antilles leaves home on bad terms with her family
Syal later assumes the name Wynssa Starflare and becomes an actress

Gavin Darklighter is born on Tatooine

9 years before ANH

Kalabra Adventures

Protocol Offensive

Dash Rendar enters the Imperial Academy
A huge earthquake destroys most of the Chandra-Fan civilization

7 years before ANH
Belindi Kalenda, future NRI agent, is born
Kyp Durron is born on Deyer colony in the Anoat system
Lord Vader destroys the capital city of Falleen to halt the spread of a virus
Two-hundred thousand Falleen are killed during "sterilization"
Wrenga Jixton (aka "Jix") is court-martialed and sent to the spice mines of Kessel
Jix escapes imprisonment and flees to Aridus

Starship manufacturer Gallofree Yards Inc goes bankrupt

6 years before ANH
Loka Hask is expelled from Imperial Academy on Carida
Hask returns to his homeworld and sees his father executed as a criminal

Han Solo graduates from the Imperial Academy on Carida
Human replica droid Guri is constructed by Simonelle the Ingoian

5 years before ANH
Tales - "Routine"
Han Solo saves Wookie slave Chewbacca from death by Imperial Commander Nyklas
Han Solo is discharged from the Imperial Navy as a result

Rayf Ysanna is born on Ossus

Stanton Rendar is killed when his ship crashes into the Emperor's private wing of Imperial Museum
Rendar's family's holdings and property are seized by the Emperor in retribution
Dash Rendar, Stanton's brother, is expelled from the Imperial Academy on Carida
Hapan Prince Isolder's brother is killed by the pirate Harravan
Isolder goes undercover and searches for the pirate

Tinian I'att buys the Wookiee, Wrrl, to stop his death at the hands of his slavers
Loka Hask becomse a pirate captain, aquiring the Buzzer, a picket ship once owned by Crimison Jack
A rebel uprising on the Devaronian system results in a massacre in the holy city of Montellian Serat

4 years before ANH
Young Han Solo Trilogy:
The Hutt Gambit

Lando Calrissian Adventures:
Mindharp of Sharu
Flamewind of Oseon
Starcave of ThonBoka

Kyle Katarn enters the Imperial Academy on Carida

Han Solo and Chewbacca free slaves from Zygerrian ship near Janodral Mizar
Solo gives the ship and its cargo to the newly-freed slaves
General Zakar is put in charge of Imperial military operations on Garos IV
Calamari is placed under martial law by the Empire, its people conscripted into slave labor

3 years before ANH
Young Han Solo Trilogy:
The Rebel Dawn

Jabba the Hutt Saga:
The Gaar Suppon Hit
Hunger of Princess Nampi
The Dynasty Trap

Moff Tarkin proposes the Tarkin 'Rule by Fear' Doctorine
Emperor makes Tarkin the first Grand Moff
Tarkin secretly establishes Maw Installation, Daala in charge
Qwi Xux designs Death Star
Construction of the Death Star begins over Despayre
At Grus Treta, Jagged & Zena Antilles are killed when their refueling depot explodes
Young Wedge Antilles tracks down Loka Hask, the pirate responsible
Wedge destroys Hask's ship, but Hask escapes, infected with a space parasite
Prince Isolder finds and catches the pirate Harravan
Harravan is murdered in a Hapan prison before he can name his accomplices
Grakkata, a Wookiee, begins piracy in the Elrood Sector

Han Solo leaves Imperial space for the Corporate Sector
Shada Dukal joins the Mistryl Shadow Guards of Emberlene

The Ssi-ruuk reach the edge of known space

2 years before ANH
Boba Fett:
Enemy of the Empire

Han Solo Adventures:
Han Solo at Star's End
Han Solo's Revenge
Han Solo & the Lost Legacy

Anja Gallandro is born on Anobis
Irek Ismaren, alleged bastard son of Palpatine, is born to Roganda Ismaren
Ederlatth Pallopides, a remote grandniece of Emperor Palpatine, is born
Lumpawarrump is born to Mallatobuck, Chewbacca's wife, on Kashyyyk

Leia Organa becomes youngest senator in Senate
Corellian Treaty signed by resistance groups from Corellia, Chandrila, and Alderaan
Formation of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma in command

Corellian smuggler Booster Terrik is arested by CorSec officer Hal Horn
Terrik sentenced to five years imprisonment on Kessel
Corran Horn enters the Corellian Security Force Academy

1 year before ANH
Tales - "Extinction"

Han dumps spice cargo, bounty placed on him by Jabba
Biggs Darklighter enrolls at the Imperial Academy
Iella Wessiri joins Corellian Security Force

Jorj Car'das leaves for parts unknown, and is not heard from for twenty years
Car'das smuggling organization is in chaos after his departure
Talon Karrde takes over and stabilizes Car'das's organization.

Gaeriel Captison is elected a senator on Bakura
Ssi-Ruuvi invaders attack G'rho colony, kidnapping and brainwashing Dev Sibwarra
Lando Calrissian and Niles Ferrier are involved in a failed smuggling run to the planet Phraetiss
Mako Spince left crippled after a confrontation with NaQoit bandits in the Ottega system
Loka Hask becomes the pirate captain of the Buzzer, a picket ship once owned by Crimison Jack

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