History - Part I
2,000,000 years to 100 years before ANH

2,000,000 years before ANH
Three rivers on Tatooine form what will later be known as "Begger's Canyon"

100,000 years before ANH
Recorded history of the Sith race begins

35,000 years before ANH
Height of the Rataka Empire also known as the Infinite Empire
Rataka enslaved trillons of beings in over 500 systems
Colonized most of the known galaxy, spreading seeds of civilization
Unknown plague runs unchecked, killing only the Rataka masters
Fall of the Infinite Empire

Pre-Republic Era
Pre-hyperdrive era
First inter-system trade & attempts at diplomacy
First records of Alderaan's exploration teams
Xim the Despot takes power of large territories of space

25,000 years before ANH
Hyperdrive invented, lightspeed achieved
Old Republic is formed
Order of Jedi Knights appear
Peace & expansion reigns throughout the galaxy

25,000-20,000 years before ANH
Corellian Engineering Corporation created
Alderaan Royal Engineers founded
Core Galaxy Systems established
Rendili Stardrive forms
Dangerous exploration of hyperspace lanes
Expansion under the Old Republic continues

Xim defeated by Republic/Jedi forces led by Kossak the Hutt

Beginnings of the Dark Side teachings
Jedi Knights drive off Dark Jedi
Dark Jedi escape to Sith worlds
Dark Jedi enslave Sith race
Dark Jedi become Sith Lords

12,000 years before ANH
Ord Mantell is settled as a Republic Military outpost

10,000 years before ANH
Clan warfare breaks out on Ammuud between the seven clans of Thokos

8,000 years before ANH
Elrood system is colonized by the Old Republic

7,000 years before ANH
A Sith library - Veeshas Tuwan - is founded on Arkania

5,200 years before ANH
Sith Lord Simus is killed in battle by Sith Lord Marka Ragnos
Marka Ragnos becomes Dark Lord of the Sith
Lord Simus cheats death through Sith magic

5,007 years before ANH
Symbol of the Republic Navy carved onto the surface of the Carida Academy moon

5,000 years before ANH

Golden Age of the Sith

Ood Bnar of Neti race born on Myrkr

4,990 years before ANH

Fall of the Sith Empire
Sith Lord Naga Sadow flees to Yavin IV
Sith followers will degenerate into Massassi
Sith Library on Arkania destroyed by hundreds of Jedi Masters

4,600 years before ANH
Odan-Urr becomes High Master of the Jedi assembly

4,400 years before ANH
Freedon Nadd arrives on Onderon
Sith teaching introduced to Onderon by renegade Jedi Nadd
Freedon Nadd becomes ruler of the Onderon system

4,398 years before ANH
Freedon Nadd dies on Onderon

4,350 years before ANH
Beast Wars of Onderon begin

4,068 years before ANH
Queen Amanoa is born on Onderon

4,048 years before ANH
Drokko Kira is cast out of Iziz

4,018 years before ANH
Oron Kira born on Onderon

4,016 years before ANH
Princess Galia born on Onderon

4,008 years before ANH
Spirth of Jev Sunrider comes to his grandson, Andur, telling him to begining training as a Jedi

4,004 years before ANH
Planet Argazada revolts against the Old Republic
Provisional Governor Myrial begins conquering other systems in Kanz Sector

4,002 years before ANH
Explorers from Alderaan make contact with Onderon

4,000 years before ANH

Tales of the Jedi:
Beast Wars of Onderon

3,999 years before ANH

Tales of the Jedi:

Saga of Nomi Sunrider

3,998 years before ANH

Freedon Nadd Uprising

3,992 years before ANH

Dark Lords of the Sith

3,990 years before ANH

The Sith War

3,988 years before ANH


3,978 years before ANH
Bastila Shan taken to the Jedi as child

3,976 years before ANH
Mandalorians begin assaulting and seizing non-Republic worlds

3,963 years before ANH
Cathar devastated in Mandalorian attack
Republic worlds attacked
Mandalorian Wars begin

3,962 years before ANH
Republic pleads with Jedi Council for assistance with war-effort
Council refuses to assist Republic with war
Jedi Knights Revan and Malak join Republic cause
Other Jedi rallied and join with them to fight for the Republic
Battle of Althir
Republic forces defend Taris from attack

3,961 years before ANH
Jedi Revan and Malak discover Rataka starmap on Korriban
Begin their search for the others on Tatooine, Manaan, and Kashyyyk
Revan and Malak begin slipping to the Dark Side in the process

3,960 years before ANH
Final Battle on Malachor V brings end to the Mandalorian Wars
Revan and Malak discover the StarForge in Rataka system
Revan and Malak fall completely to the Dark Side
Revan declares himself new Dark Lord of the Sith
Malak and Revan convince Republic forces under their command to join them
Malak and Revan use the StarForge to constuct a massive Sith Armada

Carth Onassis approached by Admiral Saul Karath to leave the Republic
Carth refuses, but dismisses the possibility of Saul's betrayal

3,959 years before ANH
Lord Revan and Malak return to the Republic with Sith Armada
The Sith assualt and conquer Republic worlds
Second Sith War begins
Jedi and Republic forces leave to join Malak and Revan
Destruction of Telos
Assassin droid HK-47 constructed by Lord Revan

3,958 years before ANH
Sith construct Academy on Korriban
Recruits and Cadets uncover ruins and secrets of the Sith

3,957 years before ANH
Assassin droid HK-47 sent to Mandalore on mission
Programing disrupted, memory lost
Jedi Bastila uses her Battle Meditation to aid Republic forces
Bastila becomes vital to the Republic's defense against the Sith

3,956 years before ANH
Bastila leads a Jedi strike team to stop Revan and Malak
Bastila uses the Force to wipe Revan's mind and memories
Malak betrays Revan leaving him for dead aboard his flagship
Jedi secretly recover Revan and deliver him to the Jedi Council
Malak declares himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith
Sith assaults intensify in magnitude and destruction

3,955 years before ANH

Knights of the Old Republic

3,950 years before ANH

Knights of the Old Republic II:
The Sith Lords

3,700 years before ANH
Jedi Knights and the Old Republic bring end to the Kanz Disorders on Argazda

3,000 years before ANH
Corellian Stardrive is bought out by the Corellian Engineering Corporation
The Alsakan Conflict occurs

2,996 years before ANH
Hapes Consortium seals its border, cutting off all outside contact

2,992 years before ANH
Paecian Empire begins to collapse

2,032 years before ANH
Rogue Jedi forms the New Order of the Sith based on ancient Sith scrolls
2,000 years before ANH
Incom Spaceworks Industries is founded on the planet Fresia
1,989 years before ANH
Construction begins on Foamwander City on Mon Calamari

1,032 years before ANH
Thousands of Jedi die in Jedi/Sith War on Ruusan
Lord Hoth's Army of Light defeats Raan's Brotherhood of Darkness
Raan consumes the spirits of his Sith warriors for ultimate weapon
Weapon kills Jedi, trapping their souls in caverns later known as "Valley of the Jedi"

Sith Order believed destroyed, thousands of Jedi causalities
Darth Bane survives in secrecy, reforms the Sith
Only two Sith: Master and Apprentice

989 years before ANH
Inhabitants of the planet Khomm begin practice of cloning

891 years before ANH
Yoda, future Jedi Master, is born
687 years before ANH
The "Death Seed" plague cause millions of death across galaxy
610 years before ANH
Dewlanna is born on Kashyyyk
600 years before ANH
Jabba the Hutt is born on Nal Hutta
509 years before ANH
Yaddle, future Jedi Council member, is born

500 years before ANH
Alderaan Royal Engineering, Core Galaxy Systems, and Rendili StarDrive
are all bought out by Kuat Drive Yards

400 years before ANH
Jedi Academy ship Chu'unthor crashes on Dathomir
Yoda leads rescue attempt, repulsed by witches

Ithorian genetic experiment creates parasitic monster known as "Spore"

385 years before ANH
Jedi Master Ikrit goes to Yavin 4 to research Massassi people
Ikrit discovers the Golden Globe and imprisoned spirits of Massassi children
Ikrit goes into hibernetic sleep until children can be freed

300 years before ANH
Karia Van Seryan, a "life-witch" is born on Kerlsil

292 years before ANH
Mother Rell is born on Dathomir

Myrkr is discovered by the Republic
Ysalamari discovered by the Jedi

280 years before ANH
Berethrone Solo introduces democracy to the Corellian Empire

250 years before ANH
Adarlon is the first planet settled in the Minos Cluster

241 years before ANH
Ralrracheen is born on Kashyyyk

201 years before ANH
Salporin is born on Kashyyyk

200 years before ANH
Chewbacca is born on Kashyyyk

196 years before ANH
Jedi Susejo of Choi becomes a victim of the Sarlaac

192 years before ANH
Plague wipes out the Fere civilization, known for starship manufacturing

190 years before ANH
Vima-Da-Boda is born

153 years before ANH
Chalmun, future owner of Mos Eisley Cantina, is born on Kashyyyk

150 years before ANH
Chewbacca leaves Kashyyyk to explore the galaxy

Bakura is discovered and exploited by Bakur Corporation

132 years before ANH
Jorus C'Baoth is born on Bortras

112 years before ANH
Much of the structural framework that will become C-3P0 is built by Cybot Galactica

105 years before ANH
Durga the Hutt is born on Nal Hutta

104 years before ANH
Xizor is born on Falleen

102 years before ANH
BLX-5 "Bollux" is activated at Fondor shipyards

100 years before ANH
Creation of Ammuud Code ends centuries of clan warfare on Ammuud

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