History - Part VI

41 years after ROJ to present day
41 years after ROJ

Tetan ships arrive from another dimension
Imperial fleet destroyed in the Charr system
ICSD V Deceptor destroyed over Teta
Warlord overthown and killed by alien creatures
Empress reclaims Teta and the Penstar Alignment
PSA reclaims Jaemus shipyards
Former Imperial Admiral Blair defects to New Republic
Kasia returns to Aimer with MC-90 Watcher
Magnus captures a dragon while on Aimer
Lord Moonsbane arrives at Aimer
Moonsbane discovers existence of Tei Ekullan
Moonsbane's freighter docks with empty Watcher
Moonsbane confronts Eksic, demanding Tei Ekullan's identity
Moonsbane mortally wounds him after getting information
Venus alerts Doyle to disturbance on Watcher 
Doyle and Blair attempt to capture unknown foe
Moonsbane escapes as YT-2400 Magnus hinders pursuit
Security force attempt to capture the Magnus for questioning
Magnus escapes as Rasilon Lightstar arrives aboard HellFlare
Security forces attempt to detain Rasilon
Rasilon released per Ambassador Kasia's invitation
Admiral Blair joins the New Republic

Battle of Chandrila
Imperials assault Chandrila
Chandrila devastated, Admiral Madine contacted to defend
Fury Fleet arrives at Chandrila
Imperials withdraw, completing training exercise & maneuvers
Rebuilding and repairs begin at Chandrila

Kasia contacts Anjela Tyree about her station, Chevron
Kasia calls Senate together to propose Chevron project
Jedi students awaken Dark creature beneath Academy on Aimer
Creature comes to surface and encounters M'barak
Kasia helps her students confront Dark creature
M'barak, creature, and other dragons leave area
M'barak seriously wounded fighting Dark creature
Chevron project approved as a neutural science station
Master Tele takes students to Nazarelle for training aboard Watcher
Kasia meets with her son, Rasilon
Rasilon meets his sister, Arianna
Kasia and Rasilon head to the Chevron
Kasia trains Rasilon during trip to Sern Sector
James Tinakin discovered to be alive
Cery and James make way to Alliance Base
Rhince enhances James' anger and greed through the Dark Side
T'eklara hurries to Nal Hutta with Dragon Claw
ICSD V Sherman arrives at Nal Hutta
Hutts threaten to kill James over Nal Hutta
Sherman damaged, heading into Nal Hutta's atmosphere
Dragon Claw severely damaged while tractoring Sherman
T'eklara rescues James & Cery's escaping shuttles
James, under Rhince's telepathic infuence, spurns T'eklara
Angry, T'eklara withdraws from Nal Hutta
Tavano freed of influence, unable to contact Force
High Admiral Jen killed
Tavano flees Jomark, unable to face Alliance
Warbird and crew recovered by Alliance over Jomark
Jeiss destroys Black Cruiser
Thom Merrilin unites the gangs of Echnos, seizing control for himself

Battle of Kuat
Admiral Madine and Fury Fleet attack Kuat
Rogue Squadron assaults shipyards on Kuat
Super Survivor HellHawk assists at Kuat

Battle of Obroa-skai
Imperial Fleet strikes at Obroa-skai
Imperials withdraw as Jeiss' previously unencountered fleet arrives

Battle of Ison
Wildcards infiltrate Imperial garrison on Ison
Wildcards deactivate & destroy Imperial planetary defenses
Admiral Blair and Victory Fleet assault Ison
Ison system liberated by the Alliance

Wildcards receive Special Forces training at Delphi system
High Admiral Tavano captured by Bothan Intelligence
Bothan Senator Turon Mei'lya begins court-martial
Doyle unable to testify in Tavano's defense due to friendship
Masters Jacen Solo and Darius Avonstar defend the High Admiral
Chevron goes online
Kasia pronounces Rasilon Chevron Commander
Reprensentatives begin to arrive on Chevron
Raiders attack CSA ships at Chevron
Raiders defeated by starfighters
Signal sent to Nal Hutta from cloaked vessel
Tinakin Industries computer systems crash
Computers on Nar Shadda crash
Bank on Dellalt encounters difficulties
Charubans recalled to Charubah by the Epitome
CSA Task Force attacks Hapan Fleet
CSA vessels destroyed by Hapans
Admiral Orin and Warrior Fleet assault Chandrila
Admiral Wollf and Shakespeare Fleet assault Aquilae
Doyle uses his position as King to defend Tavano
Tavano cleared of all charges
Imperials bombard Drakien system from orbit
Drakien system forced into submission

Battle of Corellia
Alliance Katana Fleet attacks Corellia
Rogue Squadron assaults defenses on Corellia
Alliance battlestar destroyed by Imperial forces
Alliance Forces begin withdrawal at Corellia
Grand Admiral Pendragon and Immortal Fleet arrive at Corellia
Super Survivor HellHawk decloaks at Corellia
Voyager arrives and assaults the HellHawk
Alliance attempts to gather sensor readings from Voyager
High Admiral Tavano and the Warbird arrive at Corellia
Warbird confronts Voyager
Voyager withdraws on Pendragon's orders
HellHawk cloaks as last of Alliance ships leave system

Imperials seize New Cov

Battle of Anoat
Wildcards infiltrate Imperial garrison on Anoat
Wildcards deactivate & destroy Imperial planetary defenses
Admiral Blair and Victory Fleet assault Anoat
Anoat system liberated by the Alliance

Mandalore arrives at Empress Teta for conference with Empress
Mandalore greets Empress in ancient Sith language
Corporate Sector Authority declares war on the Hapes Consortium
Mandalore aware of war leaves Teta
CSA Armada assaults Mandalore system
Mandalore arrives in time to dissuade CSA armada


42 years after ROJ

Battle of Hoth
Dragon Force infiltrates Hoth
Dragon Force captured and imprisoned by Imperials
Imperials plan ambush after interrogate prisoners
Imperials withdraw with secret research
Secondary infiltration unit discovers 'remains' of Dragon Force
Watchdog fleet put into place, begin sensor jamming
Second Unit destroys research facility
Victory Fleet arrives and attacks Hoth Imperial defense force
Imperial armada arrives to entrap Victory Fleet
Imperial Four Horsemen lead starfighter attack again Alliance
Phantoms decloak and engage Alliance fighter compliment
SSD Palpatine arrives at Hoth and destroys some of the Watchdogs
Watchdogs send out distress call to New Republic
Nearby Alliance forces arrive to attack Palpatine
Rogue Squadron & protype Merlin squadron arrives
Merlins destroy a few Phantoms
Horsemen's 'War' & 'Famine' disabled
'War' self-destructs to avoid capture
'Famine' knocked unconscious when disabled & captured
SSD Palpatine withdraws
Entire R&D facility found abandoned
85% of Allliance starfighters destroyed by Imperial Phantoms & Horsemen

DarkStar Mercenaries Formation
Echnos Dilemma
Hapan/CSA war continues
Hapans destroy all Corporate war machines
Corporate Sector left utterly defenseless
Corporate Sector Authority turns to Empire for protection/support

Battle of Tradaria
Imperial forces assault the Star Worlds of Tradaria
Sudden Force Storm appears destroying ships from both sides

Jorus C'baoth's homeworld destroyed by unknown Sith assault
Jorus goes insane with rage, destroying a major portion of Karideph
Thousands die in the publized devastation on Karideph


43 years after ROJ

Chief of State DeVon Doyle forced to take leave of absence
Emperor 'Helldar' slain by Royal Guard loyal to Monarch
Lady Kryzasiah becomes ruler of Galactic Empire
Empire purchases numerous systems from Corporate Sector Authority
Dark Overseer Jorus C'baoth confronts the Dark Lord of the Sith Jeiss Fiesm
C'baoth kills the Fiesm on Polaris in an act of vengeance for his homeworld's destruction
Battlestar Excalibur explodes in orbit over Ison
High Admiral Blair missing in action
Ison Incident
Baskarn Assault
Yselia Slave Revolt
Ossus proposal by Tionne and Kam Solusar
Imperial propoganda begins againt the Rebellion
Consulate Teralle and Imperial diplomats enter the Chevron
Admiral Sopko is reinstated
Alliance forces hunt after stole corvette
Mrlsst Diplomatic mission
Dagobah mission
Nublax assault

Battle of Bastion
High Admiral Tavano confronts High Admiral Blair at Bastion
Katana Fleet and Elemental Fleet engage one another

Battle of Muunilist
Redemption Fleet assaults the unsuspecting world of Muunilist

44 years after ROJ

50 years after ROJ

** Doyle & Jheni's son born on Aimer **
** Doyle & Jheni's son given alias of 'Davlin Lightstar' **
** Davlin Lightstar sent to live in secrecy **

69 years after ROJ

** Davlin Lightstar warped back in time 35 years **

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