History - Part V
21 years to 40 years after ROJ
21 years after ROJ
DeVon discovers his family name of Doyle through Coruscant's records
DeVon leaves Coruscant for his homeworld of Corellia
Kormac discovers Doyle sneaking through records 
Lord Kormac tricks Doyle in following him
Doyle taken to hidden Imperial Academy on Lusankya
Kormac seduces Doyle with promises of the Dark Side  
Doyle befriends Alixir at Academy 
Doyle becomes Imperial pilot 
Monarch continues Kasia's training aboard the ICSD Dark Side 
Alycione born in the Tetan system
22 years after ROJ
Doyle quickly rises to becomes Imperial Top Ace
Doyle & Alixir fly recon patrol at Nexus IV
Assault Gunboats drained of power
Doyle & Alixir stranded on Nexus IV
Alixir struck down by Dark Entity
Doyle unable to locate friend
Venus, a silicon lifeform, bonds with Doyle's Gunboat
Venus restores power to fighter
Doyle forced to leave friend
Alixir's hatred & anger merges with Dark Entity 
Rhince becomes DarkSide Executor
Kormac brings Doyle to Monarch's attention
Lord Monarch trains Doyle on the ICSD Dark Side
Doyle befriends Kasia during practices
Doyle & Kasia duel
Kasia slashes Doyle's chest

Galaxy Force Timeline Breaks from Star Wars Cannon At This Point

Combined forces of the Alliance, the Imperial Remnant, the Hapans, Chiss, and other factions drive the Yuuzhan Vong back
Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya steps down citing personal reasons
Leia Organa-Solo once more assumes the mantle as New Republic Chief of State
Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade-Skywalker lead a contingent to push the attack against the Vong
Chiss/Imperial/Republic/Jedi Task Force taken beyond the Rim into the Unknown Regions
Contact with Task Force lost, presumed destroyed
Han Solo and Lumpawaroo take the Falcon in search of Luke and Mara
Laren Antilles, daughter of Wedge and Iella, born on Corellia

23 years after ROJ
Jacen Solo takes command of CorSec
Monarch tests Doyle & Kasia on his flagship
Doyle battles Kasia in public duel
Kasia disarms Doyle
Kasia spares Doyle's life
Monarch, in anger, separates them
Monarch wipes their memories
Dalvok challenges Monarch's rule
Monarch attempts to destroy Dalvok
Dalvok flees for his life
24 years after ROJ
Under Monarch's orders, Doyle leaves to infiltrate Corellian Security Force
Doyle's assault gunboat malfunctions during journey
Venus takes control, aborts hyperspace
Doyle discovers the Hell system and alien space station
Venus reveals herself as silicon lifeform to Doyle
Doyle discovers an older YT-1300 freighter still capable of space travel
Venus merges with, and repairs, the  HellFlare
Hell Station's computer obeys Doyle's voice imprint
Doyle orders station to begin repairs on Battlestar-class warship 
Doyle leaves Hell aboard the HellFlare
Doyle continues his mission, infiltrates CorSec as Commander
Doyle meets Master Jacen Solo
Kasia becomes Monarch's prodigy

25 years after ROJ

Tavano joins CorSec as Lieutenant
Doyle and Tavano expose and destroy Imperial depot
Doyle promoted to Admiral
Tavano promoted to Captain
Queen Mother Ta'Chume dies
Teneniel Djo becomes ruler of Hapes
26 years after ROJ

Isolder & Teneniel assassinated 
Tenel Ka becomes Queen Mother 
Jaina Solo becomes Alliance Ambassador 
Jaina Solo goes to Hapes to visit Tenel

Battle of Corellia
Warlord Peters assaults Corellia
Doyle promoted to High Admiral
Doyle becomes Second-in-Command of CorSec
Tavano promoted to Admiral  

Doyle battles Jacen Solo
Doyle fueled by hatred & Dark Side
Doyle disarms Master Jacen
Jacen attempts to reach Doyle's heart
Jacen turns Doyle to the Light
Doyle becomes Jedi Knight
Monarch declares Kasia a Dark Master

Galaxy Force Saga:
The Fall of Coruscant

 Jacen goes to Coruscant
Doyle meets Jaina, Leia and Admiral Ackbar
Doyle joins New Republic Navy

27 years after ROJ

Battle of Coruscant
Chief of State Leia Organa Solo killed
Rogue Leader Jaina Solo's starfighter destroyed over Coruscant
Admiral Ackbar orders Republic fleets to withdraw
Coruscant falls to Imperials

Rebel Alliance goes into hiding on Myrkr
Luke Skywalker leaves Jedi Academy on Yavin
Rodisk 99 placed in charge of Academy
Jacen leaves Corellian Security Force
Jacen visits Doyle one last time
Admiral Tavano joins Rebellion
Jacen goes to Hapes to visit Tenel
Ackbar retires to Calamari
Doyle becomes Supreme Admiral in command of Rebel Alliance forces
DeVon Doyle meets Robin Arctura
Doyle reluctantly begins training Robin
Doyle battles Warlord Peters
Doyle loses arm to Peters
Doyle receives cybernetic arm
Jen Offtermatt joins Rebel Alliance as Commander
Warlord Peters seizes the Tetan system
Warlord Peters executes ruling Tetan family
Alycione escapes, rescued by Krath, raised by the Assassin Guild
Kasia given seat on the Imperial Inner Sanctum
Kasia receives Task Force of five VCSDs

28 years after ROJ
Darius test Doyle at Yavin Academy
Second duel between Doyle & Peters
Doyle becomes Jedi Master
Kasia's Task Force engages Second Fleet
Kasia loses a VCSD during battle
Kasia's forces destroy Second Fleet
Jacen goes into isolation on Tatooine
Doyle begins Tavano's Jedi training
Robin Arctura becomes Jedi Knight

Battle of Nexus IV
Doyle senses Dark Entity on Nexus IV
Monarch senses Dark Entity on Nexus
Rhince sent to investigate disturbance
Imperial/Rebel fleets drained of power
Dark Entity merges with Lord Rhince
Rhince restores power to Imperial ships
Jedi Knights fail to subdue Rhince & Entity
Doyle discovers Alixir lives in Entity
Doyle confronts Rhince on surface
Rhince destroys & kills Doyle
Dark Entity sustains Doyle
Dark Entity feeds on Doyle's suffering
Doyle pleads with Alixir
Alixir forcibly separates from Rhince & Entity
Rhince collapses, recovered by Imperials
Alixir forgives Doyle, joins with the Force
Doyle catatonic from injuries, near death
After extended period of recovery, DeVon Doyle regains consiousness
29 years after ROJ

On orders, Kasia leaves Coruscant on VCSD Night Shade
Monarch sends ICSD Dark Side into hiding
Kasia's forces engage Fourth Fleet
Kasia loses another VCSD in skirmish
Fourth Fleet delayed & damaged from assault

 Galaxy Force Saga:
Rise of the Rebellion

Battle of Coruscant
Doyle infiltrates Imperial Palace
Doyle confronts Lord Monarch
Master Doyle kills Lord Monarch
Kasia returns to Coruscant
Kasia's two remaining VCSD escorts engage Rebels
Kasia discovers Monarch's body
Kasia flees system on Night Shade during chaos
Coruscant is liberated by the Rebellion

Tavano promoted to High Admiral
Jen promoted to Admiral
Monarch's essence forms on the ICSD Dark Side
Monarch possesses hidden clone
Monarch begins constructing Death Star
Robin takes her Jedi Master's test
Robin Arctura becomes Jedi Master

30 years after ROJ
Tenel Ka dies on Hapes
Jacen Solo returns to Hapes
D'Layna becomes Queen Mother
D'Layna tells Jacen her lineage
Kasia strikes Rebel outposts & supply ships
Master Doyle marries Master Robin
DeVon Doyle becomes King of Aimer
Tavano becomes Jedi Knight
Wolf Stormrider begins training on Yavin
Remy Lebeau born on Myrkr in alternate timeline

 Galaxy Force Saga:
End of an Empire

Lord Monarch re-emerges
Doyle denounces Master 99

Battle of Coruscant
Imperials reclaim Coruscant

Battle of Myrkr
Dark Force Storm consumes Monarch

Rebels flee Myrkr, establish base on Aimer
Kasia prepares to confront Jedi
VCSD Night Shade rams Rebel shipyard
Kasia steals freighter DeathStryke
Kasia discovers/attacks Master Darius
Kasia mortally wounds Darius
Kasia rips information from Darius's mind
Kasia leaves Darius for dead
Warlord Peters seizes Monarch's fleet
Lord Dalvok re-emerges
Dalvok challenges Peters for throne
Peters accepts Dalvok as ally
Dalvok renews search for Kasia
Warlord Peters becomes Emperor
Jacen returns to Tatooine
Kasia discovers Jacen is on Tatooine
Jorus C'baoth trains at Atrivis Academy under Esok Satanis
31 years after ROJ
Rebellion becomes Galaxy Force Alliance
Doyle becomes High Master
Tavano leaves for personal quest
Kasia arrives on Tatooine and confronts Jacen Solo
Kasia duels with Jacen intending to kill him
Jacen reminds Kasia of their past friendship
Kasia stops attack, questions Jacen
Jacen attempts to turn Kasia
Jacen tells Kasia of Jaina's death
Dalvok follows Kasia to Tatooine
In guilt & fear, Kasia flees Tatooine

Battle of Calamari
Imperial ground forces assault planet
High Admiral Tavano oversees defenses
Remote drone ships loaded with explosives
Drone ships ram into Imperial forces
Three ocean cities destroyed
Doyle vows not to lose another planet
MC-90 HellFire explodes into Imperial flagship
Doyle escapes in E-wing, releases mines
Minefield surrounds planet
Imperial ground forces cut off from reinforcements
Doyle's malfunctioning E-wing drifts toward minefield
Imperial Fleet withdraws, Doyle rescued
Ground forces repulsed by Calamari

Calamari recovers, minefield removed
Doyle feels guilt over innocent deaths
Doyle receives letter written prior to attack
Doyle's anguish & rage drives him into madness
Kasia hears an unknown call to Aimer
Robin helps restore Doyle's sanity
Robin leaves on personal quest
32 years after ROJ
Kasia Redstar arrives at Aimer
Kasia enters Academy with new students
Doyle practices with Kasia
Kasia senses Dalvok's presence, becomes enraged
Kasia fights Doyle with intent to kill him
Doyle tries to reason with Kasia
Doyle deactivates his lightsaber
Kasia uses anger to drive Dalvok's influence away
Doyle offers Kasia asylum from Dalvok
Doyle and Kasia practice on Aimer
Darius sees Kasia in the arena
Darius attacks Kasia
Kasia defends herself from Darius
Doyle interfenes, confronting Darius as he sides with Kasia
Darius warns Doyle about Kasia
Doyle, wary from Darius's warning, keeps Kasia in isolation from others
High Master Doyle trains Kasia Redstar
Robin returns to Aimer, learns of Doyle's new student
Kasia becomes adept in healing arts
Robin confronts Kasia Redstar

Battle of Mandalore
Alliance feint attack at Death Star
Alliance fleet attacks Mandalore
Hapan fleet arrives, commanded by Princess T'eklara
T'eklara claims the system for the Hapan Conquest

New Republic spies infiltrate Death Star project
Aimerian Royal Vizer Kurgen seduced by Dark Side

Battle of Calamari
Death Star completed, fully operational
Death Star, Imperial Fleet assault Calamari
Death Star's super laser disabled
Death Star rams Calamari
Calamari in chaos with floods, earthquakes
Millions die in devastation on Calamari
Retired Admiral Ackbar dies in destruction
Calamari becomes 30% land after cataclysm

Wolf meets Kasia briefly in royal garden
Wolf takes romantic interest in Kasia
Kurgen uses ysalamari to capture Doyle
Wolf battles and kills Kurgen
Kasia frees Doyle during battle
Wolf collapses as a result of his injuries
Kasia heals Wolf
Wolf becomes Jedi Knight
Wolf Stormrider proposes to Kasia Redstar
Doyle brings Kasia to Nazarelle
Doyle trains Kasia in Light 
Kasia poisoned fighting Ixxpathicals
Doyle enters Kasia's mind to heal her
Doyle learns of Kasia's desires
Doyle & Kasia share emotions
Doyle & Kasia bond on spiritual level
Kasia believes experience as fever dream
Doyle justifies event as saving Kasia's life
Dalvok follows Kasia to Nazarelle
Dalvok confronts Kasia
Kasia refuses Dalvok
Doyle arrives in weakened state
Dalvok challenges Doyle
Kasia remains Light, denounces Dalvok
Doyle calls on planet's life energy
Dalvok destroyed by Nazarelle
Doyle dies from injuries
Nazarelle resurrects Doyle
Kasia becomes Jedi Knight
Kasia marries Wolf Stormrider
Kasia begins training Force Adepts
Doyle's emotions cause him internal turmoil
Doyle leaves Galaxy Force Alliance
Doyle retreats to his sanctuary on Hell
Doyle begins developing the Super Survivor
Wolf placed in command of Alliance during Doyle's absence
Galaxy Force thrown into disarray
T'eklara marries Lord Peters
D'Layna dies, giving powers to T'eklara
Grand Moff DeathAdder develops ICSD V
ICSD V Sherman built, plans designed
HellHawk begins construction at Hell

33 years after ROJ
Zeltan Bjai'lya enrolls in the Alliance Military Academy on Steelious
Wolf & Robin work together on Aimer
Robin and Wolf have an affair
Kasia discovers the affair
Robin leaves Doyle
Wolf leaves Kasia
Kasia leaves Aimer
Kasia goes to Tatooine
Kasia visits Master Jacen
Kasia confides in Jacen
Jacen continues Kasia's training
DeathAdder & Vlad exterminate Ewoks on Endor
ICSD V's begin mass production
34 years after ROJ
Doyle returns to Aimer
Super Survivor HellHawk complete 
Doyle declares the Galaxy Force Alliance the New Republic
Aimer made capital of New Republic
Republic Senate formed on Aimer
King Doyle elected Chief of State
Doyle learns of Robin's betrayal
Doyle goes into isolation on Aimer
Kasia returns to Aimer with Master Jacen
Kasia searches for Master Doyle
Kasia confronts Doyle
Doyle accepts betrayal
Doyle & Kasia admit feelings
Tavano returns from Nublax
Kasia begins teaching at Jedi Academy
Kasia sees picture of Jaina & Doyle
Kasia relates story of pedant she gave Jaina
Doyle relates the time he shared with Jaina
After Kasia leaves, Doyle retrieves pedant
Kasia's first quest to Tei Ekullas
Kasia returns after learning of pedant's heritage
Doyle gives Kasia her Tei Ekullan pedant
Moonsbane alerted to time distortions
Lord Moonsbane goes to Atrivis
Moonsbane seeks out Dark Jedi Masters
Jorus C'baoth becomes a Dark Knight
Incom SpaceWorks develops F-22 Inigma
Kasia meets with Lord Esok Satanis
Esok attempts to seduce Kasia back to Dark Side
High Master Doyle battles Lord Esok Satanis
Doyle gravely injured by Esok
Kasia phases Doyle from battle
Cloak, Dorial & Si'rall begin training under Kasia

Battle of Calamari
ICSD V's assault Calamari
"Fives" decimate Rebel MC-90's
Supreme Admiral Doyle contacted for assistance
HellHawk goes to Hell to retrieve Battlestar
Battlestar HellStorm & plans retrieved
Rasilon arrives on HellStorm from future
Rasilon kills Rebel officers
Rasilon is captured by Doyle
Doyle returns to Calamari with Battlestar
HellHawk & HellStorm repel Imperial forces
Viper squadron drives off Imperial fighters

Viper starfighters analyzed for secrets
Battlestars put into mass production
Rasilon escapes with Pegasus
Robin feels remorse for pains she caused
Master Robin leaves Wolf for parts unknown
Wolf returns to Kasia asking forgiveness
Kasia refuses to take Wolf back
Wolf attacks Master Doyle
Wolf turns Dark, becomes BloodWolf
Doyle defeats BloodWolf
35 years after ROJ
Tamra Kohl enrolls in the Alliance Military Academy on Steelious
Lord Rhince returns from Mar-Done
Rhince challenges Peters for leadership of Empire
Forces loyal to Rhince break away from Empire
Rhince's followers attack both New Republic & Imperial forces
Viper starfighter plans developed
Lebeau's son, Talon, is born to Liet
F-22 begins mass production on Bpfassh
Haunted by the spirits of his Ewok victims, DeathAdder contacts Master Doyle
Doyle and DeathAdder meet over Nazarelle
Master Doyle attempts to explain the Force to DeathAdder
DeathAdder begins training under Master Doyle
Doyle learns DeathAdder killed his father
Doyle forgives DeathAdder
Doyle's father's spirit forgives DeathAdder
Doyle learns his mother may still live
DeathAdder becomes a Jedi
DeathAdder reclaims Tinakin name
Doyle & Tinakin begin search for Delania
Jedi duo find clues leading to Hapan Cluster
Rhince's attacks grow in frequency & damage
Doyle & Tinakin forced to abandon their quest
Truce between Empire & New Republic
Doyle & Peters shake hands
Second battle Doyle & Rhince
36 years after ROJ

Battle of Charr
Lord Esok destroys Charr
Esok duels Lord Peters
Emperor Peters is killed
Esok becomes new Emperor

Rhince challenges Esok for the throne
Lord Esok Satanis is slain
Rhince becomes the new Emperor

Battle of Bpfassh
Hapan Cluster becomes Hapan Conquest
Henna & Kia attempt talks at Coruscant
Henna meets with Emperor Rhince
Hapans interfere at Bpfassh

Henna & Kia called away from Coruscant
Henna begins talks with Strahd on Sullust
Incom begins LSO project on Bpfassh
Queen T'eklara nulls marriage to Peters
Ravlek & Linara born to T'eklara
Lord Peters resurrected, returns to Hapes
Vipers begin mass production
Tinakin attempts Imperial reforms
Corporate Sector reemerges
VicePrex Hirken rules Corporate Sector
Peter confronts Rhince for throne
Rhince kills Lord Peters
Kasia passes Master's test
Moonsbane confronts Emperor Rhince
Emperor Rhince kills Lord Moonsbane
Rasilon works for Corporate Sector
Charubans infiltrate the Corporate Sector
Wallenstein gets burning
Wallenstein becomes Charuban Wal-N9
Cadet Bjai'lya graduates with honors from Academy on Steelious

37 years after ROJ
Zeltan Bjai'lya attends Flight School
Kasia is made Alliance Ambassador
Kasia takes Jedi to Bakura
Time Storms begin to emerge
Lord Lupis drawn to Tund
Lupis' troops slain & killed
Moonsbane absorbs life essences
Lord Moonsbane reborn on Tund
Moonsbane establishes Shadow Academy on Tund
Doyle & Kasia, Tavano & Jen are married
Hirken retires, Tinakin becomes Exo
T'eklara & Tinakin meet on Aimer
Rasilon Lightstar smuggles on Aimer
Doyle orders Lightstar blasted from space
T'eklara intervenes on Rasilon's behalf
Rasitlin secretly joins Hapan Conquest
LSO project placed on hold indefinitely
Cloak is made Governor & Admiral
Grand Admiral Pendragon appears

Battle of Yavin
Alter Monarch appears
Moonsbane senses a different temporal disturbance
Rhince goes into a coma
Pendragon orders retreat
Alter Monarch becomes new Emperor
New Republic ambushes Empire
Imperials form cease fire with Alliance
Empire surrenders Endor

T'eklara swears to protect Neutrals
Lupis begins plans on Tatooine
Cilpar joins New Republic
Cloak takes Doyle & Kasia to M'haeli
Doyle & Kasia told of prophecy
Rasilon betrays Sector to the Hapans
Tinakin proposes to T'eklara
T'eklara betrays Tinakin, takes Nal Hutta
Corporate Sector attacks Kessel
Commander Lightstar attacks Sector
Kyp Durron retires to Ossus
38 years after ROJ

Newly commisioned Flight Officer Zeltan Bjai'lya assigned to Aimer Defense Force
Rasilon begins project near Charubah
Pendragon goes to Empress Teta
Alter Monarch goes to Honoghr
Honoghr joins the Empire
Hapans begin talks at Circarpous
Mandalore reborn
Ravlek & Linara begin training on Aimer
Vortex appears over Coruscant
Lord Monarch's spirit awakens on Coruscant
Coruscant begins evacuation
Doyle, Kasia & Cloak go to Coruscant
Tavano's Warbird finished
Warbird goes to Coruscant
Doyle, Kasia & Cloak enter Imperial catacombs
Kasia separated from Doyle & Cloak
Lord Monarch's spirit resurrected on Coruscant
Kasia faces Lord Monarch alone on Coruscant
Doyle goes to Teta with Tavano
Cloak assists in evacuating the planet
Rasilon discovers wormhole to Ossus
Mandalore takes control of ship/fighteryard
T'eklara goes to Empress Teta
Warbird confronts ICSD Dark Side
Doyle steals dimensional device
Alter Monarch confronts Doyle on the Dark Side
Doyle returns with device to Coruscant
Kasia's nullifies force field
Doyle reunited with Kasia
Kasia activates dimensional portal
Lord Monarch sent to another dimension
Moonsbane senses distortion
Lord Moonsbane goes Coruscant
Vortex continues to grow
Cloak & Doyle leave for Bpfassh
Kasia visits Jen on Bakura
Vortex stops expanding, Coruscant in turmoil
Mandalore attempts to contact Tetan Empress
Dragon Claw arrives at Teta 
T'eklara urges Mandalore to leave
Imperials claim Teta as an ally
Hapans leave Tetan space after insulted by Imperials
Alter Monarch marries Empress of Teta
Doyle & Cloak inspect Bpfassh

Battle of Bakura
Imperials form Interdiction Blockade
New Republic attacks Blockade
CSA allies with New Republic
Kasia reveals her pregnancy to Jen
Alter Monarch assaults Kasia & Jen
Doyle gives Kasia, Jen his powers

Battle of Kuat

Battle of Corellia

Alter Monarch abandons Empire
Grand Admiral Pendragon withdraws 
Alter Monarch gains control of Pentastar Alignment
Pentastar Alignment shorten to Penstar Alignment
Doyle & Kasia go on vacation on Nazarelle
Kasia tells Doyle that she is pregnant
Jorus C'baoth becomes Dark Master, takes Ska'lith as apprentice
Cadet Kohl graduates from the Alliance Academy on Steelious

39 years after ROJ
Tamra Kohl attends Flight School
Zeltan Bjai'lya promoted to Lieutenant
T'eklara takes children from Aimer
Alter Monarch goes back in time 13 years
Rhince awakens from coma
Moonsbane learns of the ICSD Dark Side
Tinakin retires to Nal Hutta
Rhince becomes Executive Officer of the CSA
Lord Peters reclaims Empire
Lebeau retires to Myrkr
Lebeau's son Talon placed in Kasia's care
Lebeau forms Exodus Shipping
Peters unfit as Emperor
Pendragon seizes control of Empire
Lord Peters excecuted by Pendragon
Jedi quest on Ossus
Doyle's ship malfunctions
Darien takes B-wing & goes on personal quest
Sensing an anomaly, Darien pulled into another Strand
Kasia & Kilmore visit Tei Ekullas
Moonsbane senses disturbance
Moonsbane alerted to possible Tei Ekullan
Rasilon leaves wormhole at Ossus
Hapan Commander Rasilon impersonates Doyle 
Doyle engages Rasilon through wormhole
Commander Rasilon captures Doyle
Doyle imprisoned in ysalamari
Imperials do multi-attack

Battle of Bpfassh

Battle of Bakura

CSA blockades Imperial Sector
Rasilon tests Doyle's limits
Rasilon shows Doyle the Holocron
Doyle discovers Rasilon is his son
Rasilon rejects Doyle, disbelieves claim
Henna visits Rasilon, learns of Doyle's capture
Henna convinces Rasitlin to release Doyle

Battle of Corellia
NSC attacks Corellia

Alter Monarch returns to his own reality
Moonsbane learns of second Dark Side
The Warlord takes control of PSA
ICSD Sherman malfunctions, explodes
James Tinakin's shuttle stranded in space
Tinakin believed dead
High General Cery inherits Tinakin fortune
Small derelict ship appears in Imperial space
Derelict ship captured by Grand Admiral
Crew revived, originated from the "Federation"
Prime Directive prohibits the Voyager from interfering
Pendragon seizes crew, taken to Lusankya
Kasia gives birth to Arianna
Jemia's granddaughter gives birth to Jemia
Tamra Kohl arrested for stealing her B-wing after unauthorized modifications

40 years after ROJ
Flight Officer Tamra Kohl awaiting disciplinary action and assignment
Antilles Corporation requests sponsorship of Rogue Squadron
Doyle grants retired General Wedge Antilles' request
Rogue Squadron recommisioned by Alliance
Wedge's youngest daughter, Laren, becomes the official liason for Rogue Squad
Covert elite squadron, the Wildcards, formed by SpecForces
Lieutenant Bjai'lya transferred to Wildcards as Viper pilot
Flight Officer Tamra Kohl reassigned to Wildcards as B-wing pilot
Rhince returns to Mar-Done
Cery negotiates with CSA Direx Board
Hapan Supreme Commander Kia killed by Predator
Hapan Festival on Star Home
James Tinakin crashes on Endor
Rasilon meets Henna at festival aboard Star Home
Khallyne becomes Hapan Supreme Commander
Voyager crew brainwashed, believed to be home
Rest of crew now obeys commands of the Grand Admiral
Lord Moonsbane possesses new body on Tund
Supreme Commander Khallyne visits Sullust
Henna & Khallyne compete in power struggle
Royal Commander Henna requested by Strahd
Pirates harass Corporate Sector
New Emperor claims Imperial throne
Cage appointed DarkSide Executor
Kasia visits Dorial on Dagobah
Predators perform serial killings on Bpfassh
Imperials do multi-attack

Battle of Kashyyyk

Battle of Tatooine
Voyager assaults Tatooine

Battle of Myrkr

Battle of Da Soocha

Battle of Belsavis
Rogue Squadron experiences heavy losses, abort 1st mission
High Admirals Don & Jen Tavano possessed by Dark Jedi

Lupis assaults Jedi on Yavin
Confrontation on Yavin, Lupis driven away
Due to Lupis' assualt, Hapans & New Republic scientists withdraw from Tatooine
Dragons attack villages on Aimer
Dragonlords return on K'rynne
Warbird attacks friendly New Republic ships
Master Dorial killed in accident
Dorial's essence resides in Limbo
Imperial assassination attempt on Doyle fails in Senate Chambers
Kasia returns to Aimer from Dagobah
Doyle informs Kasia of Rasilon's identity
Kasia attempts to contact Rasilon, inviting him to Aimer
HellSpawn Fleet & HellHawk sent after the Warbird
Hapans discover Star's End
Cery Tinakin visits Endor for inspection, his speeder crashes
Cery rescued by James Tinakin
Jeiss Feism challenges and kills Dark Lord Lupis
Jeiss becomes Dark Lord of the Sith
Hapans liberate Tatooine
The Emperor punishes Grand Admiral Pendragon for losing Tatooine
Imperials in disarray over recent losses
Dark Executor Cage gains followers in the Empire
Pendragon confronts Cage
Cage & Pendragon unite forces
Empire seizes remaining NSC worlds
Rogue Squadron receives new members & fighters
Rogues undergo intense training
Dorial faces Dark self in Limbo
Kasia receives a deceitful cry for help from Dorial
Kasia helps Dorial escape Limbo
Dorial reveals that his Dark half has surfaced
Kasia confronts Dorial, offering to help him
Dorial challenges Kasia, threatening Arianna
Kasia battles and kills Dorial
Kasia takes leave of the Academy
Kasia, Arianna, Talon & Eksic leave Aimer on the Watcher
MC-90 Watcher enters Netherspace
Lord Moonsbane & General Soth head for Aimer
C'baoth declares himself Dark Overseer, opening an Academy on Echnos

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