History - Part IV

1 year to 20 years after ROJ
4 years after ROJ
DeVon briefly meets Luke Skywalker on Corellia
Robin Arctura born on Altair IV
5 years after ROJ
Lucas and family flee Corellia during Thrawn's resurgence
DeathAdder attacks and destroys Lucas' ship
Doyle family believed dead 
DeVon's escape-pod lands on Nazarelle IV
Delania's escape-pod captured by DeathAdder

Lord Monarch possesses Zakk's clone
Wolf Stormrider born on Coruscant
Vladmir Tinakin born on Coruscant
6 years after ROJ
Delania escapes Imperial prison
Flees to Hapes, meets Maliden
Delania Solo changes her name to D'Layna 
Rhince father goes to Byss during Emperor's Resurection
7 years after ROJ
D'Layna marries Prince Maliden
Rhince's father assigned to Imperial Outpost
8 years after ROJ
Jerrod arrives with infant Kasia on Aimer VII
Jerrod gives Kasia her mother's crystal
Moonsbane feels unknown distortion
Kasia raised by Jerrod on Aimer
T'eklara born to D'Layna and Maldien
Peters declares himself Warlord
Lord Monarch hires Hethrir

 Jen Offtermatt born on Ad Mare
Rhince's father killed over Yavin
Neshara gives birth to a daughter,
9 years after ROJ
Tavano born on Nublax
10 years after ROJ
Crystal Twilight

Kasia kidnapped from Jerrod on Aimer
Kasia taken to Lord Hethrir's Worldship
Jerrod searches for Kasia
Jerrod meets Queen Catarina of Aimer
Kasia meets Jacen, Jaina, & Anakin Solo 
Hethrir offers Kasia to Dalvok
Kasia meets Leia Organa Solo
Jerrod reunited with Kasia
Jerrod & Kasia go into hiding on Ithor
Rhince taken to Monarch
Rhince is indoctorined in Imperial customs
Future Dark Overseer, Jorus C'baoth is born
11 years after ROJ
Monarch starts training Rhince in the Dark Side
12 years after ROJ
Dalvok continues the search for Kasia
13 years after ROJ
Dalvok's search leads him to Ithor
Jerrod confronts Dalvok
Dalvok kills Jerrod in duel
Kasia witnesses Jerrod's death
Dalvok steals Kasia to train in Dark Side 
14 years after ROJ
Kasia's anger toward Dalvok fuels her training
Dalvok visits with Lord Monarch in hiding
Dalvok proposes to continue Hethrir's work
Lord Monarch takes notice of Kasia during meeting
Prince Maliden fathers child
Cloak is born on Corellia
15 years after ROJ
Henna born on Hapes
Rhince trains at hidden Lusankya Academy
16 years after ROJ
Zeltan Bjai'lya born on Kothlis

17 years after ROJ
Si'rall is born on Bothawui
18 years after ROJ
Imperials attempt to capture Doyle on Nazarelle
Imperials killed & crushed through the Force
Imperials stun DeVon & take him captive
DeVon escapes with help from a captured Jedi Master, Queen Catarina 
DeVon arrives on Aimer
Catarina helps DeVon fit into society
Queen Catarina adopts and educates DeVon 

 Peters possesses a younger clone of himself
Tamra Kohl born on Ryloth
19 years after ROJ
Dalvok takes Kasia to Brakiss
Kasia trains at the Shadow Academy
Kasia meets Solo twins at Shadow Academy
Twins attempt to turn Kasia
Monarch visits Shadow Academy
Monarch requests Kasia from Dalvok
Dalvok refuses, Monarch takes her
T'eklara meets Jacen, Jaina, & Lowie
DeVon learns of the Force
Monarch shows Kasia his domain
Kasia meets other Imperial leaders
Monarch gives HOV-ID1 to Kasia
"Hover" begins instructing Kasia
Hover teaches Kasia Imperial etiquette
Rhince graduates Academy as Captain
20 years after ROJ
Catarina plans to take DeVon to Coruscant to search records
Catarina enrolls DeVon at Mrlsst Academy for upcoming semester
Master Catarina dies while defending Aimer from a Dark Jedi
DeVon becomes heir to throne
Doyle intends to head to Coruscant then Mrlsst
Doyle leaves Aimer to learn of his past
Rhince becomes Dark Master

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