History - Part III

Immediately before ANH to Immediately after ROJ

Immediately before ANH
Palpatine makes Monarch Commander of Outer Regions
Zakk Lightstar becomes a Jedi Knight
Lucas Doyle marries Delania Solo
Peters enters Dark Side Training
Lupis leaves Despayre just before its destruction
1 year after ANH

Lupis' offer to join Empire is rejected because of his species

2 years after ANH
Zakk battles Lord Monarch
Lord Monarch kills Zakk Lightstar
Nereus born on Bpfassh

3 years after ANH
Pendragon promoted to Grand Admiral
Palpatine sends Pendragon to Unknown Regions
Immediately after ESB
Lord Monarch receives TIE Advanced/Defenders supply

1 year after ESB
DeVon Doyle born on Corellia
Lile Rhince found as a baby on Mar-Done by Xiris Rhince

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