History - Part II

99 years to 0 years before ANH

99 years before ANH
Fallen Jedi form Dark Council in secrecy
Dark Council gathers Jedi outcasts
59 years before ANH
Dalvok born, taken to Jedi temple on Coruscant

54 years before ANH
Jemia born within the Dark Council

46 years before ANH
At age of 13, Dalvok fails to earn a Master
Dalvok sent to help Argo-Corps
Dalvok recuited by the Dark Council
45 years before ANH
Monarch born on Coruscant
Catarina Sirio born on Aimer VII
Pendragon studies under Thrawn
44 years before ANH
A few members of Dark Council question their path
Dark Master Rafe the most outspoken of group
41 years before ANH
Dark Master Rafe chosen to contact Jedi Temple for talks
40 years before ANH
Lucas Doyle born on Corellia

Dark Master Rafe supposed to meet with a member of Jedi Council
Rest of Dark Council learns of meeting, confronts Rafe
Dark Master Rafe explains it's an ambush to capture a Jedi
Dark Master Ylnaro sent to make sure Rafe accomplishes his task
Dark Masters Rafe & Ylnaro, along with Dalvok and Jemia, go to confront Jedi
Qui-Gon Jinn allows himself to be captured by Rafe
Dalvok sabotages ship

 "The Prisoner"

Master Ylnaro dies in crash
Master Rafe leaves to contact Jedi temple
Dalvok and Jemia guard Jedi prisoner
Dalvok sabatages Rafe's speeder
Rafe dies in explosion
Jemia confronts Dalvok
Dalvok and Jemia duel
Jemia scars Dalvok
Dalvok falls to his supposed death
Jemia leaves Gui-Gon

Dalvok betrays Dark Council to Sith
Darth Maul destroys all Dark Siders
39 years before ANH
Jemia returns to Dark Council, discovers it destroyed
  Jemia leaves in search of answers
35 years before ANH
Canis Lupis is born on Barab I
25 years before ANH
Catarina Sirio marries Jovan Lightstar
Catarina Sirio-Lightstar becomes Queen of Aimer
22 years before ANH
Prince Maliden born on Hapes to Ta'Chume
21 years before ANH
Delania Solo born on Corellia
Catarina Sirio-Lightstar becomes Jedi Master
20 years before ANH
Lucas Doyle becomes Senator
Peters born on Byss
19 years before ANH
DeathAdder born as James Tinakin
18 years before ANH
Pendragon becomes Vice-Admiral in newly-formed Imperial Navy
Zakk Lightstar born on Aimer
17 years before ANH
Jemia gives birth to a daughter, Neshara
13 years before ANH
Jovan Lightstar killed during Jedi Purge
12 years before ANH
Lupis leaves Barab I with a smuggler
Master Catarina trains her son Zakk
7 years before ANH
Lupis trains under a Dark Master
3 years before ANH
Dorial born on Dagobah

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