History - Part I
25,000 years to 100 years before ANH

25,000 + years before ANH

Nor Vek Rr'zena, first recorded king of Tei Ekullas
Trading within Tei Ekullan system
Trade corporations & ships held by Aristocrats
Trade wars begin on Tei Ekullas

25,000 years before ANH

Established monarchy forms on Crystalic
Colonization of Opaline begins
The Fellowship forms on Crystalic
Fellowship use a power called the One or the Cherish
Fellowship popular among the Aristocrats
Fellowship believes Aristocrats hold too much power
Aristocrats label the Fellowship evil
Fellowship forced from Crystalic

25,000 - 5,000 years before ANH

Fellowship settles on Tei Ekullas
King Nev Kor Rr'zena becomes member of Fellowship
Fellowship also called The Circle
Disease kills many Opaline colonists
Fellowship sends medicine & supplies to Opaline
Many Fellowship members remain on Opaline
People of Crystalic wish Fellowship to return
Niretta, Queen of Crystalic, refuses people's wishes
Niretta forms The Society of Crystalic

4,735 years before ANH

Colonists venture out from Tei Ekullas

4,425 years before ANH

Lile Rhince, son of Freedon Nadd, is born on Onderon

4,240 years before ANH

Tei Ekullan colony ships arrive at Ossus

3,990 years before ANH

Ekullan colonists evacuate Ossus
Colonists scatter out to other systems

3,250 years before ANH

Ekullan colonists settle on M'haeli

2,049 years before ANH

** Rusahl Razna born on Tei Ekullas **

2,043 years before ANH

** Hannah Mi born on Tei Ekullas **
** Hannah named Empress of the Ice Continent **

2,027 years before ANH

** Rusahl becomes King of Tei Ekullas **

2,026 years before ANH

** King Rusahl marries Empress Hannah **

2,025 years before ANH

** Kenaniah Razna born on Tei Ekullas **

2,023 years before ANH

** Nataan Razna born on Tei Ekullas **

2,022 years before ANH

** K'Varoh Razna born on Tei Ekullas **
** Hannah dies during K'Varoh's birth **
** Princess Aurelia Sirio born on Crystalic **

2,020 years before ANH

** Kasia Doyle & Kurt Kilmore arrive at Tei Ekullas **
** Kasia Doyle meets with father & brothers **
** Kasia Doyle & family travel 20 years in the future **
** Kilmore meets Alanah, believes it is Kasia **
** Alanah tells Kilmore she is looking for Rusahl **
** Kilmore tells her he must find Kasia **
** Alanah takes Kilmore to where Kasia went **
** Alanah & Kilmore travel 20 years into future **

2,016 years before ANH

** Princess Aurelia sent to school on Opaline **

2,015 years before ANH

** The Society take students hostage on Opaline **
** Darien arrives on Opaline from a future Strand **
** Opaline erupts into a war zone **
** Darien rescues a young student named Aurelia **
** Desperate, Aurelia creates a portal **
** Aurelia pulls Darien through the portal **
** Aurelia & Darien travel 15 years into future **

2,005 years before ANH

** King Rusahl marries Princess Aurelia Sirio **
** K'Varoh confronts Nataan and kills him **
** K'Varoh forms the Dark Army **
** Kasia born as Amirah Sirio-Razna on Tei Ekullas **
** Alanah Sirio-Razna born on Tei Ekullas **
** Aurelia Sirio-Razna killed **
** Jerrod sent 2,000 years into future **
** Amirah sent 2,000 years into the future **

2,000 years before ANH

** Kasia Redstar arrives at Tei Ekullas **
** Darien & Aurelia arrive from the past **
** Kasia Redstar confronts K'Varoh **
** Kasia Redstar battles Dark Army **
** Kasia Redstar nearly overcome by Dark Army **
** Darien & Aurelia see sabers in the distance **
** Darien ignites lightstaff & waves it from the hilltop **
** K'Varoh's attention wavers to the light on the hill **
** Kasia Doyle, Rusahl & brothers arrive from past **
** With new arrivals, K'Varoh backs off & regroups **
** Rusahl blocks Kasia Redstar's recent memories **
** Rusahl sends Kasia Redstar back to her Strand **
** Kilmore & Alanah arrive from past **
** Kilmore introduces Kasia to her sister Alanah **
** Jedi & Ekullans gather strength & plan their attack **
** K'Varoh & Dark Army defeated **
** K'Varoh banished to Nether Realm **
** K'Varoh escapes into nearest Strand **
K'Varoh arrives trapped in this Strand

1,997 years before ANH

Tei Ekullas destroyed by K'Varoh

1,995 years before ANH

K'Varoh hunts survivors of Tei Ekullas
Survivors go into hiding, learning new skills

1,992 years before ANH

K'Varoh learns how to possess new body

1,000 years before ANH

K'varoh destroys Tei Ekullan colony on M'haeli
Tei Ekullans learn illusions, become Fallanasi

600 years before ANH

K'varoh destroys Fallanasi colony on K'rynne
K'Varoh seriously wounded
K'Varoh possesses body of K'rynne youth
K'Varoh cannot retain control, minds entwine
K'Varoh loses his identity, memories lost
K'Varoh becomes Raistlin Majere

410 years before ANH

Tei Ekullan scout arrives on K'rynne
Temporal distortion awakens K'Varoh
K'Varoh's rage overpowers Raistlin's mind
K'Varoh escapes Abyss
K'Varoh attempts to destroy K'rynne
Gods of K'rynne deceive K'Varoh
K'rynne becomes lost & forgotten
K'Varoh creates new identity

200 years before ANH
Moonsbane learns from the Sorcerers of Tund
Moonsbane continues to seek portals into netherspace

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