Welcome to the OFFICIAL Galaxy Force Timeline. This timeline corresponds directly with the Star Wars Timeline, overlapping and containing the history of the universe from over 25,000 years to present day Galaxy Force times. Although originally designed as a history for Kasia and Doyle, it was later modified to fit the rest of the club. If your character's history isn't in here, please do not be upset. I will be updating this when I can, and adding information on the other characters. Thank you for your patience.

IMPORTANT!!! I spent ALOT of time designing this timeline and do NOT want to see it copied elsewhere on the WEB. I know other people have a Star Wars timeline posted, but this is entirely different. The Galaxy Force timeline is ours to create. You may copy it for your own personal use, and to tell me where your character fits in; but I do NOT want to see it posted anywhere else on the WEB. Thank you for understanding.

SPOILERS!!! Although most of the books, movies, comics, etc are just listed by name, some key events from them (ie: Luke learns Vader is his father) are posted within the timeline. If you have not read a particular story, I HIGHLY recommend skipping over that year or time period. If not, you run the risk of spoiling the ending for yourself, I will take no responibility on that part. You've been warned.

I would like to give credit for the story-summaries provided herein to TimeTales, locate at, a great source for Star Wars material.
25,000 years before ANH to 100 years before ANH


99 years before ANH to 0 years before ANH


Immediately before ANH to Immediately after ROJ


1 year after ROJ to 20 years after ROJ


21 years after ROJ to 40 years after ROJ


41 years after ROJ to present day


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