a.  CoruscantCapital of the Galactic Empire, vast planetwide city covers world
b.  ToprawaWorld forced into a pre-industrial state by Empire
c.  CorulagProsperous economy, home to large corporations
d.  AquilaeSector Capital, center of commerce, former rivals of Alderaan
e.  BorleiasLacks most valuable natural resources, strategic value only
f.   Alderaan (destroyed)Planetary Debris caused by Death Star
g.  FondorFondor Shipyards Class I Construction Facility
h.  ChandrilaState parks, Military Academy & wild game preserves 
i.   BrentaalStarports, industrial facilities, & manufacturing trade

a.  KuatKuat Drive Yards (KDY) Class II Construction Facility
b.  LusankyaAsteroid Field - Imperial Military Academy/Interrogation & Prison Facility
c.  VjunImperial Dark Jedi Academy - Harsh world, heavily defended facilities
d.  ColumusHome to a high-tech & intellectual species
e.  AlsakanHeavily-populated city world
f.   BroestFarming & agricultural planet
g.  Byss     (destroyed)Planetary debris caused by Galaxy Gun
h.  Carida  (destroyed)Planetary debris caused by supernova (Sun Crusher)



a.  ByblosMajor center for military equipment & foodstuffs
b.  MechisWorldwide Droid production facility
c.  DevaronHomeworld of the Devaronians, females run industrial centers/government
d.  RodiaWeapons-manufacturing facility, Rodian homeworld
e.  AlmaniaRemote system, rich in minerals and rare gems, lush world
f.   TelosImperial Bank headquarters, Aristrocratic citizens
g.  BalmorraSecondary Captial of the Empire
h.  ThyferraBacta Cartel, only source of the priceless healing bacta
i.   GerradWeapons manufacturing facility, Ground support army 
a.  SacorriaStrict world, large prison located here
b.  CorfaiLarge Imperial base
c.  DuroCrystal Swamps, host to illegal Swoop Races
d.  CorelliaSector Capital, contains worlds of Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Tralus & Talus
e.  SocorroHaven for free-traders & outlaws
f.   CommenorLocated near the Corellia System, strong Imperial presence
g.  VagranIndustrial facilities
h.  XyquineSmall Imperial outpost

a.  KaalBlue world with vast oceans, agricultural exports, numerous resorts and casinos
b.  CatharHomeworld of the feline-like Cathar species, Big Game Hunting Expeditions
c.  KesselICP world, rich spice mining facilities, near Maw Black Hole Cluster
d.  ZantooineLuxury paradise planet, casinos, tourist attractions, vacation homes, Pod Races
e.  SullustCapital of the ICP, SuroSuub HQ, volcanic world, large underground cities 
f.   UmgulResort world, famous for Blob Race tournments
g.  AraliaPlanetary Amusement Park, tourist resorts, casinos
h.  TeltiMoon with no atmosphere, droid manufacturing facility in domed facilities

a.  BothawuiBothan Homeworld
b.  KothlisBothan colony world
c.  Mon CalamariCalamarian Homeworld, devastated from Empire, now 50% land/water
d.  NyaskoAlliance controlled planet
e.  Caamas (decimated)Decimated years ago, betrayed by several Bothan clans
f.   MrlsstGalactic Center of Learning, vast universities across planet
g.  CilparJungles & forests, farming/mining world, liberated from Empire
h.  SteeliousNew Republic Military Academy


a.  CelanonBusy populated starport for agriculture and commerce
b.  MystSmall isolated system at the Mist Nebulae's edge, low tech-level
c.  GallifreyIsolated world of time lords
d.  CarratosWorld of anarchy, smugglers, thieves, and outlaw's haven
e.  M'haeliHome of the time-seer H'drachi race
f.   Borgo PrimeHoney-combed hollowed asteroid, seedy spaceport/trading center
g.  DanutaImperial Research & Development facility
h.  Barab IDark, hot, humid Homeworld of the nocturnal Barabel species
i.  New CovLocated in Churba system, giant domed-cities, export biochemicals
j.  DrakienHomeworld of the draconian-like Drakien species, enslaved by Empire
k.  CircarpousLarge system of planets, spaceport/trading center

a.  BilbringiBilbringi Shipyards Class III Construction Facility, located in asteriod field
b.  AbregadoAbregado-rae Spaceport
c.  NkllonNomad City II, rich mining world, need shield ships to enter system
d.  SundariArid mining and penal colony
e.  Ord MantellHome of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, vast junkyards, cites near equator
f.   SevarcosInfamous spice world, under customs blockade
g.  BacranaWorld held under Imperial martial law

a.  Orron 
b.  BonadanRich industrial world, densely populated, weapons banned
c.  RampaHeavy Industrial world, extreme pollution, water smugglers
d.  Ammuud 
e.  EttiLocated at major trade route, natural beauty, tourist and traders
f.   Trian
g.  Aargua 
h.  Dellalt 
i.  Mytus/Star's End (hidden)CSA prison facility, politcal prisoners, cryogenic status 

a.  BestineAquatic world, island bases and facilities
b.  Nal HuttaHutts have reclaimed system, aligned with ICP
c.  IthorFloating cities, tourist attractions, harmonious w/ nature
d.  CapricaSector Capital, major spaceport, center of commerce
e.  KhommLarge cloning facilities, civilization remains at a stagnant level
f.   KashyyykLarge forest world, Wookie homeworld
g.  Roche Asteroid FieldFighteryard facilities, homeworld of the insectoid Verpine
h.  VortexHomeworld of the avian Vors & the famous Cathedral of Winds
i.  SepanWorlds of Ripoblus & Dimok in constant turmoil against each other
j.  Morishim
k.  YlesiaSpice refinery facilities located across jungle world



a.  Coyn
b.  Kidron
c.  ElroodCapital of the NSC, headquarters of the Merchant's Guild
d.  Kuras
e.  Torina
f.  Merisee
g.  Derilyn
h.  Lanthrym
i.  Halbara (hidden)

a.  TeraphonVampyric colony settlement
b.  ArabanthLargest learning/medical facility in the Cluster
c.  GallinoreLarge mining colony/wealthy estates
d.  HapesCapital of the Hapes Consortium, home of the Queen Mother
e.  SelabDesert world/herb & plant mining
f.   ReboamHarsh, desolate world, surrounded by asteroid belts
g.  CharubahTech world; visitors not recommended
h.  MairesAquatic world
i.  Thrakiahome to intelligent Thrakian insect race
j.  K'rynne (hidden)Mythological fantasy world
k.  DreenaPlanet of pure oceans
l.  UtWorld of music & art

a.  DantooineNo industrial settlements or advanced tech
b.  HonoghrHomeworld of deadly Noghri race
c.  TurkanaImperial starport, defensive moon garrisons and mining facility
d.  TundDevastated world,  location of Lord Moonsbane's Shadow Academy
e.  WaylandEstablished colony of Noghri
f.   Kile (Gall)Rocky cliffs, plateus, small Imperial base

a.  Bespingas giant, produces tibanna gas
b.  IsonRural areas, farmlands
c.  HothIce world under Imperial rule
d.  EchnosHomeworld of Arachnids, Dome City - haven for outlaws, Dark Jedi Academy
e.  MoozatriUnder rule of Moff Tal Shiar & clan Chalice
f.  AnoatRecently liberated Imperial stronghold

a.   Iridonia
b.   Cyrax
c.   Kamar
d.   Proxima Dibel
e.   Ruuria
f.   Bandomeer
g.   Mon Gazza 
h.   Varristad

a.   Lur
b.   Duroon
c.   Ord Ibanna
d.   Brigia
e.   Svivren
f.   Aridus
g.   Tynna

a.  Da SoochaAquatic world, Calamarian refugee colony world
b.  AquarisWater world held by former pirates & mercenaries
c.  YavinLocation of the Jedi Praxeum, lush jungle world, Corusca gem mining
d.  UkioFarming & argicultural world, top food-producing planet for Alliance
e.  MyrkrHome to the ysalamiri, illegal to export,  Main base for Exodus Shipping
f.   BimmisaariAlliance base, homeworld of the Bimms

a.  New AlderaanHomeworld of Alderaan refugees
b.  Pii
c.  ArkaniaMining planet, scattered diamond mines
d.  JaemusJaemus Shipyards Class II Construction & Repair Facility
e.  Criton's PointIsolated planet covered with ancient unknown ruins
f.   BextarGas-mining operation, run by the Amber Sun Mining
g.  EntrallaRed Moon mercenaries, starports, Merchant Guild



a.  OnderonGreat walled city of Iziz, Beast-Riders, home of Dark Jedi Academy
b.  AtrivisDark world located on the edge of the Rim, ruled by Lord Esok Satanis
c.  Charr (destroyed)Planetary debris caused by core detonation
d.  Mantooine
e.  Empress TetaCapital of Penstar Alignment, rumored home of Assassin Guild Underdark
f.   Taloraan 

a.  Cedre
b.  Kuar
c.  DathomirJungle world, home of Force witches - Singing Mountain Clan/Nightsisters
d.  Karnak AlphaTourist attraction, large zoological exhibits
e.  QueliiLarge trading spaceport, secret black market
f.   MandaloreMilitary Academy, partially independent from Hapes rule
g.  PerhnColonist world, humans & dragons form symbiotic relationship

a.  Travnin
b.  Adarlon
c.  Yelsain
d.  Shesharile
e.  Gesaril
f.  Mar-DoneIsolated world controlled by former Imperial Lile Rhince
g.  Mestra Asteroid Field
h.  Karideph
i.  Pergitor

a.   Kal'shebboll
b.   Charis
c.   Aaris
d. Pimbrellan League
e. Timbra Ott 
f.   Gandle Ott
g.   Lorize
h. Kothol Republic
h. Exocron (hidden)

a.  Obroa-skaiplanet sits in a strategic location
b.  NublaxDevastated by nuclear holocast. Mutants among the people
c.  RylothHomeworld of Twi'lek race, only habitable along twilght ring-band around world
d.  EriaduHeavily polluted factory world, trading and governmental hub for Outer Rim
e.  Horuz(Despayre: destroyed), planetary debris caused by Death Star
f.  FirrerreUninhabitable, all life destroyed due to Empire's use of biological weaponry
g.  IxionQuaranteed world, infested by deadly unknown creatures
h.  TatooineDesert world, haven for smugglers, spaceports Mos Eisley and Mos Espa

a.  BakuraProduce strategic metals & repulsorlift parts
b.  DagobahSwamp world
c.  Sluis VanSluis Van Shipyards Class III Construction & Repair Facility
d.  PraesitlynMajor communications center
e.  BpfasshIncom Spaceworks figheryard, Secondary capital of the Alliance, military state

a.  ThonkbahSack-shaped gray gaseous nebula, home of large space manta-like Oswaft
b.  BelsavisIcy glaciers and volcanic rift, Mluki colonists use greehouses to grow crops
c.  Ad MareTemperate world, multiple exports, rich in minerals and natural resources
d.  BaskarnJungle world, Alliance outpost, primitive tribes
e.  OseonMassive asteroid field, wealthy citizens and resorts to view annual Flamewind
f.   RafaEleven worlds of the ancient Sharu civilization and crystal life orchards
g.  Smuggler's RunLarge asteroid field, smuggler's haven within many hollowed-out asteroids
h.  NexusBarren lifeless world, navigational hazard due to strong magnetic field
i.  Roon (hidden) 

a.  Wallach
b.  Geidi PrimeUrban factory world, ruled by House Harkonen
c.  ArrakisDesert world, mining of  Spice Melange
d.  CaladanAquatic world, ruled by House Atreides
e.  Eridania
f.   KaitainCapital world of the Juvex Sector, center of commerce
g.  Xutt Uh
h.  Salusa Secundus (hidden)

a.  AnothPlanetoid broken into 3 pieces, barely habitable
b.  SenexRuled by elite aristocratic Houses, sumbmissive lower castes
c.  JomarkIsolated watery world, primitive society inhabit island continent
d.  Major trading center, starports, and center of commerce
e.  HalanitFrozen ice moon orbiting gas giant, hot springs led to underground colonies
f.   Iphigin

a.  GamorrHomeworld of the piglike Gamorreans, varying climates, warlike society
b.  TradariaPlanets with system united as Starworlds Alliance
c.  EndorForest moon, home to Ewoks, hazardous navigational area for space travel
d.  Munto CodruHomeworld of the Codru-Ji, beautiful ancient castles and political houses
e.  Mutanda
f.  AlzocHomeworld of the Talz species, desolate frozen plains with rich minerals

a.  JaniusSpaceport, heavy traffic, import/export, trading
b.  AimerCapital world of the New Republic, Galactic Senate & Jedi Academy
d.  NazarelleUnpopulated world, Jedi proving grounds, strong in the living Force
f. Naboo 
g.  KobolAncient Ruins, Jedi stronghold, lies within a dense magnetic black void
h. Delphi Special Forces HQ, Lava & Fire world, nicknamed "Monster Planet"
i.  AgamarBackwater isolated world, mostly agricultural
j.  Hell (hidden)Secret sanctuary for the Alliance Chief-of-State, massive derlict shipyard orbiting a Red Giant Star

a.  OssusAncient Jedi ruins in the Adega system, current excavation site, near anomalous wormhole
b.  CapzaLush tropical world
c.   Stenness NodeMining worlds of Ambria and Taboon, colonists refered to as Nessies
d.   AurilLocated within Cron Drift, formerly contained the ancient space city of Nespis VIII
e.  Ambria 
f.   TaanabFarming & Agricultural world



a.  ZiostNew Sith homeworld, seat of power for the ruling Sith Council
b.   Korriban (hidden)Ruins of the ancient Sith capital world, numerous tombs dedicated to the ancient Sith

a.  LwekkJungle Homeworld of Ssi-ruuk and P'w'eck races that invaded Bakura in the past

a.  DemiosHomeworld of humanoid hunters that have stalked prey on Bpfassh, Myrkr, & Ixion

a.  Alien HomeworldHomeworld of unknown creatures that have infested the Imperial world of Ixion

a.  Yuuzhan'tarrLost homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong, a race that invaded our galaxy in the past
b.  Zonama SekotLiving planet, new homeworld of Yuuzhan Vong refugees, returning to Yuuzhan'tarr after being defeated by the Galactic Alliance.

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