Underground entrance to Jedi Academy
Praxeum courtyard on Yavin IV
Light Jedi Academies


Jedi Academy on Aimer

Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV

"When action is required, a Jedi acts." - Skywalker

     It has been nearly two generations since the Jedi Praxeum was established by Master Luke Skywalker on Yavin IV.  Since that time, there has been a surprising surge in the amount of Jedi that have passed through its doors; Jedi, of all ages and races. They came looking for guidance, direction, and answers to the ever-burning questions within themselves.

'Who am I?' 'What is this power I have within me?'
     Twenty six years after the founding of the Yavin Praxeum, a second Jedi Academy was formed on the newly-situated Alliance capital world of Aimer. Led by High Master DeVon Doyle, Masters Darius Avonstar and Jacen Solo, the Academy quickly flourished.

     Facing one's fears and overcoming them; it's lessons and trials such as these that are the heart and foundation of the Jedi. Lessons that are still being taught to this day. Jacen Solo, heart and soul of the Jedi Order, now serves as High Master and assists other in teaching students of the Force, an example of how inner hatred can turn into inner strength, anger into courage, and Darkness into Light.