Entering the

Pledge honor, sacrifice, and loyalty to: Queen Mother T'eklara

Hapan Dragon Five 2000 meters diameter

It is a period of expansion

The Consortium has reemerged.  It has been almost four decades since the Alliance's refusal to join with the Hapan Conquest. Twenty-one years after their refusal, the aging Ta'Chume died.  The position of Queen Mother descended upon Teneniel Djo, wife of Prince Isolder and a Dathomirian witch.  Within weeks of her ascension, the new Queen Mother and her husband were both assassinated, leaving their only child, Tenel Ka, Jedi Knight, to become the new Queen Mother. During her reign, a brief period of peace flourished between the New Republic and the Consortium.

A year later, the New Republic collapsed, overthrown by the Empire.  Tenel Ka assisted where she could, offering aid and safety to the newly reformed Rebel Alliance. But influential Hapans hindered most of her efforts - isolationist ideals grew as the Imperial might expanded.  Then tragedy struck.

Tenel Ka was killed in a freak accident.  The Hapans immediately sealed their borders and withdrew from galactic affairs.  The heir to the bloodline was a young Princess, named T'eklara, daughter of Maliden, Isolder's younger brother.  T'eklara rejected the throne for a time, leaving her mother to govern as advisor in her absence.  Maliden's wife, D'layna, another non-Hapan, governed the Consortium in name only during that time.

T'eklara proved her worthiness when a Hapan Armada intervened at the Imperial/Alliance conflict over Mandalore, claiming the system as Hapan terroritory. It was there that Princess T'eklara met Emperor Peters, a powerful Sith Lord and the current ruler of the Galactic Empire.  Their later marriage ensured the Hapes Consortium's survival along with solidifying T'eklara's rightful ascension as Queen Mother within several loyalist parties.

After Peters' murder, Queen T'eklara was urged to expand the glory of the Hapan Cluster. Numerous border worlds were merged into the Consortium.  Shortly after Emperor Peters' death, the future heirs to the Hapan throne were born. Twin brother and sister, Ravlek and Linara, have both exhibited early signs of Force potential.

T'eklara continues to rule the Hapes Consortium.  And although, the Consortium has remained officially neutral in the galactic struggle, T'eklara has given her pledge to defend all neutral and independent worlds that ask for her aid.  In a recent endeavor to reopen peaceful workings with the New Republic, T'eklara helped fund the Chevron Project, donating a pair of scientists as diplomats -- including a Charuban cyborg, who have never been seen outside the Cluster.

Recently, the Hapans have crushed the Corporate Sector's entire military effort in a brief war that was hardly more than a skirmish. This victory has strengthened T'eklara's position as ruler, although her half-sister Henna still plots behind the scenes to seize the throne for herself.


The future is relentless, but we will achieve our destiny...

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