The Royal Armoury

It has been noticed that alot of Jedi bring weapons into the Aimer Academy. It's ok if it's natural for your character to have one, but those of you who have already entered the Academy and brought your weapon in, your character would have checked the weapon in at the armory located near the palace.

You don't have to change any past notes that you've written if you have brought your weapon in, it will just be assumed that you dropped the weapons off before entering.

All Jedi will be given a key to a storage box within the armory so they can check on their weapon to clean it, or practice with it in a weapons' range.

If you plan to have your Jedi leave the Academy to stroll about the planet:

1) You won't be allowed to take your weapon into town.

2) You won't be allowed to take your weapon around the Palace, or the guards will confiscate it.

- You will, of course, retain your weapon when/if you leave Aimer. This is the New Republic capital world, after all, so such a law wouldn't be unheard of.

The same applies for those training at the Yavin Praxeum. There, of course, isn't a Royal Armoury, but if your character is a new student, you will be asked to keep your weapon in a smaller armoury located in the Temple.