Key Concepts
Understanding game play

Here's a few key concepts within Galaxy Force. These concepts include basic game mechanics, fundamental character information, and a few special terms that players need to become familiar with.

Main Character - "Hero". An imaginary character controlled by a player. It is a player's most important character and will be used the most.

Secondary Character - A slightly lesser character controlled by a player.

Tertiary Characters - "Supporting Cast". These are the 'other characters' being used in a story, such as: the heroes' friends and enemies, as well as any other characters the heroes come into contact with (security, crew, bartender, etc.). It's important to understand from the start that although the heroes are the stars of the show, it's possible for members of the supporting cast to be just as powerful as the heroes -- or sometimes even more powerful, if even for only a moment. (Sometimes in such instances, the player may decide to turn a tertiary character into their main character if they wish to use them alot more.)

Setting - Galaxy Force setting takes place in the Star Wars Universe at 43 years after Return of the Jedi. And even with that as the timeframe of the setting, the environments within are limitless; countless varieties of worlds (from Abregado-rae to Ziost), asteroids, ships, governments, species, etc. all are involved in an endless array of choices for story backdrops.

Example:Chevron Station takes place on an important station within neutral territory where delegates, scientists, pilots, merchants, and more all work together, or perhaps not as together as some may realize, to benefit each other and themselves.

Adventure/Campaign - A scenario in which the heroes interact with the supporting cast to create a group story. Every adventure is built around a situation (typically a problem the heroes need to solve), and it ends when the heroes have either succeeded in achieving their goal or failed to do so. (Revolution: Ylesia was a past example of an adventure/campaign. Alien/Predator Topic is also a campaign.)

Profession - Every main character in Galaxy Force is built around a profession. A profession is an overarching occupation under which specific carreers are grouped. It's the first defining concept associated with a character. For the most part, the can be broken down into four basic professions -- Combat Spec, Diplomat, Free Agent, and Tech Op.

Skills - What's your character good at doing? This question is answered by the skills he possesses. Every profession has skills related to it.