Starting Out. Pilot, choose your fighter.

It seems everyone wants to fly an F-22 or a TIE Defender. As you all know, these ships are limited and in small quanities because of their high costs. So theoretical, not everyone should be able to fly one. Not to mention the other various fighters are being neglected completely. The following guidelines have been implemented to ensure a wider variety of starfighters RPGing.

All new members joining as fighter pilots have two/three choices, depending on what side you join on.

Initial Fighters in the Alliance - X-Wing, A-Wing, or K-Wing.
- Mostly because the controls are designed similar for these fighters and easy to use after you fly the simulators at the Academy. After completing a certain numbers of missions (probably 5), your squadron will be upgraded to the next class of fighter. The upgrades are as follows:

X-Wing --> E-Wing --> F-22
A-Wing --> E-Wing --> Viper
K-Wing --> B-Wing

NOTE: If you like your fighter type, you don't HAVE to upgrade. Feel free to stick with an A-wing or an E-wing or whatever. But if you want to fly an F-22 or the Viper, you have to earn the right to fly one. This will give us a varying and more diverse amount of fighters, with people at different levels of upgrading.

Initial Fighters in the Empire - Imperial fighters will be the same way. Initial fighters upon joining will be: TIE Fighter or TIE Bomber.
- Upgrades are:

TIE --> Interceptor --> Avenger --> Defender
Bomber --> Assault Gunboat --> Scimitar Bomber