"Punch it, Chewie!"

Below are the current prices listed for most common and normal smuggling missions. Similar missions to different systems may vary in commissions due to the danger/ease of infiltration onto those worlds.

Current smuggling jobs and assignments are available at most independent worlds, within bars/cantinas across the galaxy (just go there and ask for a GM). Especially at worlds like Tatooine, Nar Shadda, Borgo Prime, and other similar locales.

Average paying commission from common smuggling missions is between 10,000 to 15,000 credits.

Smugglers would also be wise to accept and take a few (recommend a lot of) lower missions and assignments into neutral/independent space before attempting missions into Imperial, New Republic, or another major faction's space.

You have been warned.

illegal transportation of person(s) on/off world 5,000 credits
transportation of illegal goods 10,000 credits
transportation of narcotics 12,000 credits
transportation of gems/jewels/stolen goods 15,000 credits
transportation of weaponry 17,000 credits
transportation of embargoed technology 20,000 credits
transportation of slaves 25,000 credits