"I work alone. . ."

Smugglers and Bounty Hunters are the most common independent privateers found within the galaxy today. In GF, they usually write their stories solo, getting only minor interaction from the Fringe GMs.

The fringer first finds an acceptable mission/assignment from some shady NPC at a backwater world bar (or some similar underworld establishment). The GM will then approve the amount of your commission (usually between 10,000-15,000 credits).

After that, you are under way to confront whatever perils of the mission you choose: anything from Imperial TIEs and outrunning patrols enroute to the surface of the planet, or meeting with Alliance Security inspecting your craft for contraband.

If you do well, write alot, and make it realistic, the GM will reward you with the full amount for the mission (and possibly a bonus). If you write very little, or ignore guidelines and the realms of reality, the GM will probably give very few credits or possibly even null the mission. Just remember: Make it believable, not god-like.

Finally, when arriving into the system, it is highly recommended that fringers ensure their ships exit at the outer-edge of the system, then proceed toward the planet in the next posting. Many systems have inspection/customs stations to check cargo and registration (which is usually handled by a GM or a PC).

If you bypass the inspections (ignorance is no excuse), you would most likely be considered hostile, and could easily find yourself on the wrong end of an ICSD's or a MC90's weaponry. It is better to try to con your way through while preparing for the worst later. This goes for leaving the system as well.

Note: Smugglers and bounty hunters are normally the captain/owner of the freighter they are using. Any crew desired (co-pilot, navigator, gunner, etc..) are considered NPCs and character bios are not needed for approval. Just remember, your NPC crew are "normal" mundane characters with no special powers and are to be used only for embellishing your stories and adding details.