"Always two there are . . ."

As everyone is well aware of by now, Episode I changed some views of the Star Wars universe. Apparently, Lord Sidious and Darth Maul are also Sith. Lucas appears to make no distinction between Sith/Dark Jedi. His Sith were a cult founded by Darth Bane 2,000 years before Episode I, not a race of beings and their Masters from more than 5,000 years ago that we recall from Tales of Jedi.

In order to fit them into the Star Wars universe, we fudged some history:

Although not the original Sith Lords, Darth Bane and his followers based their Order on the teachings and foundations of the original Sith. Several ancient Sith scrolls were discovered by the Jedi Council, and later seized by Bane. Not much was known though, which is why the teachings differ slightly. But the discipline was followed as best it could, passing down the knowledge and power as they discovered it. The Sith teachings of Bane stressed mental and physical strength, control and disipline.

The title of Darth was given to members of the Sith. Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Bane, and Darth Sidious are all examples from this area of the Sith.

NOTE: These Sith are not around any longer. Vader was the last of his kind and his son failed to continue his legacy. After Vader was destroyed, it became simply Dark Jedi once more.

The current Sith in Galaxy Force are based on the OLD Sith. In recent years past, more old Sith Holocrons and Amulets were discovered, and eventually even the Sith worlds themselves were found. The current Sith Lords are in the process of attempting to restore the Sith Empire to its former glory.

This is just OUR opinion and versions of both the Sith and the Dark Jedi. It is based on research and examining of the novels, comics, and movies within the Star Wars universe. Hell, we even went back to look through the old Marvel Star Wars comics (although you can never really accept what 'they' say).

If you do not agree with our opinion, that's fine. You don't have to agree, however this is how the Sith and Dark Jedi will be handled within Galaxy Force. We ask that you attempt to follow these standards when developing your character and utilizing the Dark Side.

Thank you.