If you're thinking about creating another character

Current members of the club are allowed more than one character. New members are not allowed to use them until they start getting the feel for things with their main character. But after they have been around the club used to its many quirks and nuances, they can.

These Secondary PC's are MINOR characters, used to help embellish the on-going stories in the club. They won't have any 'major' roles, planets or fleets. Nor will they have knowledge of attacks or information privileged to one side, such as access to the Secret Topics.

Droids are NOT allowed as Secondary Characters. No Force Users allowed as Secondary Characters.

Here are some rules in regards to Secondary Characters:

1) New Members - New Members may NOT have any Secondary PCs until they have been active in the club for a period of at LEAST a month. After a month, you may ask for one, and if you have been doing well, it will be allowed. If not, you will have to wait until the end of a two-month period before approval of a Secondary.

2) Number of Secondary Characters - Every player in Galaxy Force is allowed TWO Secondary Characters in addition to their Main Character. One Fighter Pilot Secondary, and one Fringe Secondary. That's all. NOT two fringers or two fighter pilots. One of each only.

3) Fighter Pilot Secondaries - These fighter pilots perform missions in the Starfighter Topic, engaging other fighters during battles or solo raids, following orders. They would not know anything vital to any one side. Members from one side CAN play a pilot for another side.

For example, Doyle plays an Imperial Pilot as his Secondary PC. It does not compromise any security because fighter pilots don't know any of the fleet destinations, and are just launched when told to.

Any member found unable to keep their characters separate (ex: an Alliance Admiral who has his Imperial Pilot attack Imperials) will be asked to remove their Secondary PC from gameplay.

You have your choice of being an Imperial Pilot, an Alliance Pilot, or a Corporate Sector Pilot.

4) Fringer Secondaries - You have your choice of a pirate, a smuggler, a bounty hunter, a mercenary, or a merchant. Missions and jobs for each of these will be different with bonuses for the distinct classes. Neutral Secondary PC's can own ONE ship, up to (but not bigger than) a Corellian Corvette.

5) Main VS Secondaries - Main characters are to be used more often than Secondaries, hence the term "MAIN". During the course of any given week, your MAIN character is required to post more notes than either of your Secondaries. If this does not occur, your Secondary characters MAY be removed from gameplay until your Main character has been developed up to par. This will ensure that Main characters are used regularly, and not left to fill a secondary role.

NOTE: If your Main Character is a Fleet Commander and there isn't a battle currently going on, there is STILL plenty to do or post. Patrols within your sector, minor NPC pirate assaults, daily dealings with the NPC Moffs/Governors within your sector, working with High Command about strategies and reports on fleet status. There are PLENTY of stories to write as a Fleet Commander that does not involve a major battle in order to fullfill the requirement.

Remember, you are allowed to change your Secondaries into your Main PC if you use them more often and do not want to be penalized. However, only MAIN characters can be Force Sensitive or Naval Fleet Commanders.