You let 'what' get through?!

The traffic notes will be for the players to interact with at varying degrees. Most of these 'traffic notes' will be just regular daily traffic, others will be smugglers, sometimes even pirates. And occassionally, it may be a small attack by the enemy to knock out some small support ships.

Players will have to send out fighter patrols (or cap-ships) to learn what they are. Inspect, board, seize, attack these at your own discretion. Be advised, if you stop, board and detain EVERY ship, expect to eventually hear complaints that will filter down from the Senate, to Supreme Admiral Doyle, then to you. Or Imperial Governors and Moffs, etc...these actions will have reprecussions.

Most of these ships will be normal cargo or passenger ships and will get upset or irate if they are detained. However, do not become lax and let smugglers get through, or pirates to raid the ships, or in extreme cases, let enemy agents past to land on your planet for espionage.

Again, the Traffic Notes will be totally random. Doyle created charts, determining which sectors get more traffic and which systems get more in those sectors. Some will get hit alot, others hardly at all, if ever. It will be totally random, so don't blame us if you are getting hit often. Put in for a transfer to a quieter sector.