Take your training to the stars

This section is for those interested in or about to partake a Jedi quest. Jedi quests usually begin at the rank of Jedi, where a search will be taken for the student to search for crystals needed for constructing a saber.

Read the following. If there is something not covered below, then please feel free to ask.

1. Once the rank of JEDI is achieved, there will be opportunities for quests (crystal searches, etc). Sometimes it is solo, or group quests, usually accompanied by a Master or two.

2. Once the rank of KNIGHT is achieved, personal quests are needed as part of your training. You will be allowed to go alone. You may search for a Jedi artifact, explore your family history, search for lost family members, possibly even confront a NPC Dark Jedi, etc.

When you are ready for a true test of your abilities, you should receive a mission from the New Republic or a Master. The choice is yours. E-mail the Force GM a brief summary before you begin if you wish some sort of interactment from the GM or another.

3. If you wish for a Master to role-play a character during your quest, e-mail the idea to them beforehand.

4. When a Master creates an obstacle or character during a quest (for those below the rank of KNIGHT), that obstacle is controlled ONLY by the Master. You can respond to it, but not control it's responses. The Master may have had something specific in mind when it was created that you did not know.