Helping you choose job

The following is a list of NPC professions, jobs and careers which can be found throughout the galaxy. These professions are to help players with their storylines and should assist in establishing well-rounded NPC characters. The professions are divided and organized under their main field of expertise. These fields of expertise are broad-based units while the actual professions are more specific and descriptive.

The professions listed are for NPC use ONLY and are not to be confused with actual playing character careers or jobs. While some of these positions MAY cross-over, numerous ones do not transfer into a PC-related role and would not be approved by the GameMaster for use within Galaxy Force. If you wish for your PC to have one of these professions as their main or even secondary source of income to help develop your characters, please ask. It will be handled on a case by case basis. However, please remember, this is a NPC-job list, so please do not be upset if the GM does not approve your request for use as a PC-role.

We hope these professions are helpful to you and your storylines. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

(Below are a working list of professions, some listed aren't complete within the actual descriptions.. they will be shown in their separate subjects..)

Combat Specialist Diplomat
Body Guard Ambassador
Brawler Clergy
Corporate Security Corporate Executive
Gunner Entertainer
Law Enforcer First Contact Consul
Martial Artist Free Trader/Merchant
Mercenary Imperial Administrator
Soldier Military Officer
Spacehand Moff/Grand Moff
Special Forces Naval Officer
  Planetary Governor
  Stellar Noble
Free Agent Techical Operative
Bounty Hunter Computer Technician
Corsair/Pirate/Privateer Crewman(Helmsman)
Explorer Doctor
Gambler Engineer
Guide/Scout Hacker/Slicer
Investigator/Detective Independent Pilot
Outlaw Medtech
Reporter Scholar
Smuggler Scientist
Spy Starfighter Pilot