Technical Operative Professions

Tech Ops (technical operatives) are skilled in the use of particular equipment or have been specially trained to create or maintain high-tech equipment. They rely on natural genius, agility, and expert training to accomplish their goals.

Examples of professions within the Tech Ops field:

Comptech (computer technician) is a computer operator or engineer who's an expert in programming, hardware, or software operation. A comptech knows computers inside and out -- he can fix them or modify them or even build them from scratch if that's where his training lies. He's usually good with software, getting the most out of the programs his machine has access to or improvising something to accomplish the task at hand. Most comptechs possess hacking skills in addition to their technical ones. After all, they're the techs who set up system defenses against unwanted intrusions; they know their opponents' tactics and capabilities.

Crewman (Helmsman) The military vessels, freighters, space stations, and defense posts of the galaxy demand thousands of highly trained crewmen to maintain and operate cutting-edge equipment. In naval forces, crewmen are typically enlisted personnel with ratings for particular ship systems or operations. Lower ranking officers are usually part of a military chain of command and assigned to a particular ship or base. Civilian crewmen often serve as contract workers with free traders or corporate transports. They're a cut above the typical spacehand, serving as mates or deck officers on board any ship that can meet their price. Illegal vessels, such as those used by pirates and smugglers, also need crewmen, and a fair number of these characters serve on ships of this sort.

Doctor heals wounds, cures illness, and otherwise provides medical aid when it's needed. Every adventuring group needs a doctor eventually. A doctor (sometimes called a medtech) tries to use the technology and science available to him to diagnose, treat, or cure whatever ails someone else. A doctor might specialize in general practice, surgery, or alien physiology. Most doctors begin play with a firm allegiance or contract of employment to some government or corporation. Medical school isn't cheap, and most people with this level of training have to pay for their schooling with years of service to their sponsor. Of course, there are plenty of unscrupulous professionals who rebel on their obligation and disappear, seeking employment in places where no one asks questions about medical degrees or credit history.

Engineer is a character with a flair for technology. Engineers usually strive to keep technological equipment in working order or to repair technological equipment that has been damaged or has worn out. An engineer can be a specialist -- a mechanic, a computer engineer, or an electronics specialist -- or a jack-of-all-trades. Some are better at keeping things working or at juryrigging a temporary solution; others fix things right the first time, even if it takes a while to do it. There are also engineers who design technology, inventing new devices, improving existing systems, or pioneering new technology. Engineers aboard starships aren't the only engineers in the galaxy, however. Every space station, industrial facility, defense installation, or power plant requires engineers to maintain and monitor the equipment and machinery involved.

Hacker/Slicer is a computer expert who specializes in using computers in unique ways. A hacker can break through computer secuity, access restricted data, log into top-secret systems, and otherwise electronically roam where others don't tread. Hackers are electronic spies and thieves, saboteurs, information brokers, couriers, fun-loving techies, or rebels against the establishment.

Independent Pilot is an adventurer, a thrill-seeker trained in the operation of some type of vehicle -- usually one he can operate without any help. He flies shuttles, freighters, space taxis, or small space vessels. He's a rouge, a brawler, confident of his abilitites an ready to take on any challenge or risk any dare. He can also be the helmsman of a larger vessel. Legendary for their expoits of romance, gambling, and (naturally) flying, independent pilots are throwbacks to an earlier day. Independent pilots are tough and alert. Often, they are skilled barterers, always looking for their next paycheck. Independent pilots charter their vessels to any merchant, smuggler, or fugitive who can meet their price. They often operate on the fringe of the law, maintaining contacts with clients both legal and illegal.

Medtech Doctors aren't generally found on the battlefield. They're normally hidden away on some hospital ship or medical base, waiting for wounded upon which to operate. Medtechs, on the other hand, are ground-based medical personnel whose job it is to patch up the wounded so that they can reach the doctors. A good medtech has to know a variety of combat and survival skills in order to help those people who are under their care; combat rescues and covert operations are their forte. Medtechs are a common component of most military units sent into hostile territory, but not all medtechs belong to the military. Many medtechs serve on survey expeditions, corporate security teams, science posts, and other high-risk jobs.

Scholar specializes in a particular field of study, be it history, ancient civilizations, archaeology, or even supernatural phenomena. He not only has lots of knowlege stored in his head, but he's got loads of books, electronic storage devices, ancient parchments, and more theories than he knows what to do with. He's an ardent researcher, able to follow leads and find information, sometimes with only the barest of clues. He's read more about life than he's lived it, but he's ready to set out and become a field researcher. Planetary universities and government think tanks are the best places to find scholars. Their extensive knowledge and ability to offer expert insight on a broad range of topics make them valuable resources for any adventuring band -- though most scholars avoid conflict, looking for opportunities to use science and learning to solve problems.

Scientist is a field researcher, an inventor, or a specialist in a particular field of scientific study. Scientists accompany adventuring teams to conduct research, test theories and new inventions, or to provide expert knowledge to the group when such help is needed. They fall into much the same mold as scholars, but they're often engaged in cutting-edge research, experimentation, and development. Governments, corporations, and universities all compete to attract the best and brightest scientists to their employment, offering research grants, the opportunity for publication, and lucrative salaries. Some scientists are laboratory experts, working in theoretical research. Scientists include biologists, geneticists, cyberbionicists, xenobiologists, astrophysicists, geologists, and biochemists.

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