Combat Specialist Professions

Combat Specs (short for specialists) are warriors who rely on physical power and endurance to supplement their training in the tactics and techniques of battle. These warriors are walking arsenals who employ both technology and their own bodies as weapons in the pursuit of their chosen profession.

Examples of professions within the Combat Spec field:

Bodyguard hires themselves out to those who require protection. A character with this career might be working for another character, or he might be an independent contractor in charge of a security team that hires itself out. Bodyguards protect the rich, the powerful, politicians, crime lords, those in need, and anyone else who can afford their services -- or who they're assigned to protect if they're in the service of others. This character's first concern is the safety of someone else. This doesn't mean a bodyguard should behave passively, waiting for something bad to happen before he acts. Sometimes he takes specific steps to keep his charge safe.

Brawler specializes in hand-to-hand fighting and close-quarters battles. He's a ruffian, thug, street fighter, or hired muscle -- mean and strong. He can improvise in battle, using his own body and whatever else is on hand as a deadly weapon. Some brawlers fight for hard-won purses in a variety of illegal street and station matches, while others might hone their combat skills simply by surviving in the worst overcrowded cities. Brawlers who don't go into the protection or prize-fighting businesses might end up in a military organization -- every command has its share of barracks-room brawlers. However, hand-to-hand fighting doesn't offer much opportunity for long-term success. The best a brawler can hope for is to hire on as muscle or to climb to the top of whatever fighting circle or underworld in which he happens to land. Powered weapons and large firearms aren't the brawler's style, but he's comfortable with the blade and bludgeon weapons. Though he may not like it, the brawler could probably use pistols/blasters for those times when his fists aren't enough.

Corporate Security Specialist works for a large corporation. In most parts of the galaxy, corporate warfare is a fact of life. Industrial espionage, sabotage, and terrorism are accepted as commonplace. The corporate security expert spends most of their time working. However, the best and brightest security specialists are often assigned as roving troubleshooters, free to come or go as they please (within reason). Of course, these experts must produce results in exchange for their pay and perks. He handles all of the security concerns of that corporation, from securing property to protecting employees to a variety of covert operations. Ensuring the security of a corporation might include performing acts of espionage, recovering stolen goods, eliminating the competition, or finding solutions to security-related problems that affect the corporation in some manner.

Gunner is a heavy weapons expert or a warrior trained in the use of vehicle or ship weapons systems. He likes big weapons -- the bigger the better -- for in some backwater systems, the person with the biggest guns makes the rules. Even criminal gangs, smuggler rings, and privately held companies have fallen into the habit of arming dozens or hundreds of fighters to watch out for their own interests. The gunner usually has a gift for calculating range and a great eye for hitting his target. The gunner likes huge, spectacular explosions, especially if he's the one setting them off. No ship should be without a heavy weapons expert, and any group going into a major battle or hostile territory can certainly use one.

Law Enforcer is trained in the methods of crime prevention and detection, and has the authority to maintain the peace, safety, and order in a community. Every system has some kind of recognized police authority. Systemwide, planetary, or municipal police departments vary wildly in jurisdiction, professionalism, and power. In some systems, the police are mere puppets of the real power groups, while in others the police function as respected peacekeepers who keep corporate and criminal elements in their place. A law enforcer can be a police officer, a government agent, a member of the military police, or a constable on a space station. The law enforcer plays a variety of roles: "serve and protect," detective or investigator.

Martial Artist, like the brawler, many martial artists make a living as hired muscle or professional prizefighters. A few are highly trained close-combat specialists reserved for special tactics units in standard military or police forces. The typical martial artist doesn't really care about his profession; the pursuit of perfection in his chosen art is all that concerns him. True aesthetics might live in poverty and squalor or roam the galaxy as homeless vagabonds -- despite the fact that their skills might command thousands of credits in the right place. Usually, the style they are trained in has a code and value system attached to it that the character tries to live by. A martial artist can be an expert in any combat style. He might know a form specific to an alien species or a style developed by a particular culture. He might also be one of those martial artists who has developed his own fighting style. The martial artist can be a law enforcer or a special agent, a trained warrior seeking to right wrongs and deal with injustice, or a spiritual person forced to use his fighting prowess due to circumstances beyond his control.

Mercenary is a professional soldier who sells his services to the highest bidder or to a cause he believes in. He's usually a veteran of some past war, trained by a government-funded army who decided to sever his ties for one reason or another. A mercenary is an individualist who knows how to work well as part of a unit -- and usually knows how to lead that unit. While many mercs are freelancers, hiring on with any organization or team that can meet their price, other mercenaries band together into companies (entire combined-arms military units with support and command echelons), providing anyone with enough money the chance to purchase a private army. Service in a mercenary army isn't all that different from service in a standing military force. Characters who choose this field must show up when their company fights.

Soldier belongs to a standing military force. During the shifting of governmental control of Coruscant, many planetary military personnel were detached from their national forces to serve with local governments, private corporations, and allied nations. While most soldiers serve in standing forces under normal military discipline and authority, a significant number of officers and enlisted personnel now pursue their government's defense as detached soldiers. It's not for everybody, but some characters prefer this field path for the flexibility and freedom of movement it allows. Such free-serving soldiers are still subject to changes of duty status and specific assignments; its' not unusual for a character to be called up for duty with a standing force. The privilege of detached service is usually offered only to enlisted personnel and officers with a few years of regular service under their belts; a detached private or junior lieutenant is very unusual.

Spacehand can be crucial to a group of characters with their own space vessel. Every tramp freighter, every battered miner, every rough-and-tumble station has its share of seasoned spacehands. Not only is the spacehand decent in combat, he also has a set of skills that make him indispensible in the long haul. He's the guy who usually knows how to get things done. Jacks-of-all-trades -- laborer, bodyguard, repair man, copilot -- who works hard and relaxes even harder, spacehands bring a little bit of everything to a group. As able-bodied spacers, spacehands typically sign on with a ship for a specified number of voyages, working in any field with which they are familiar. Unlike the highly qualified pilots and engineers retained by reputable captains, spacehands are overworked and underpaid. At the end of their term, they'll take their meager savings to the nearest bar and spend their hard-won money in one long binge -- only to drag themselves down to the docking ports when they sober up and do it all over again.

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