In regards to the Prequels

Episodes I-III saw the birth and rise of the Empire and gave us our first glimpse at the time period of the Clone Wars. This was new and uncharted territory, but most of the events can easily apply to the Galaxy Force history and usage throughout the club. The following are some exceptions and corrections that had to be made to the prequels to allow a smooth transition into the pre-established Galaxy Force foundations. Everything else from the movies are acceptable as-is.

1) Technology - Naboo N-1 fighters, Jedi starfighters, war machines, clone starships and fighters. These craft are 60-75 years old, the technology has been surpassed with more powerful weaponry and engines. It's simply not worth it to be flying these ships in Galaxy Force and expect to survive very long.

2) Naboo - Since the planet exists in both the Star Wars Galaxies Online RPG and Battlefront and is now also shown at the end of the super-special edition of Episode VI, Naboo WILL exist in Galaxy Force. Your characters can visit the world or be from Naboo; although most Gungans haven chosen to remain in-system and live quietly. They will not be available as a playable race. Naboo is a member of the New Republic and is located within the Janius Sector.

3) Midi-chlorians - Luke had NO clue what they were. Yoda never bothered with that small fact. And since every Jedi/Dark Sider in the club is trained based on what Luke knew and passed on to others, nobody in current GF times would know about them. Therefore, don't mention them because your character wouldn't know. The Force is a mystical energy field that surrounds all living things.

4) Trade Federation - The last vestiges of the Trade Federation were eventually incorporated into the Corporate Sector Authority, along with many of the other larger business conglomerates., they won't be around in GF either. If you want to be the same race, (Neimoidian) that's fine. Though you won't have a powerful army or battleships.

5) Battle Droids - If you really want them, or the tanks, that's fine (if you can afford them). Just remember as I said before, they are 75 years old in GF. The technology has been surpassed a thousand times over. Current battle droids or tanks will wipe them up easily.

6) Pod-racers - These were cool, and probably would still be around in one form or another. If you want them, fine. Just remember, Anakin is the only human who could fly one. I'm sticking to that fact, so be an alien if you want to race one.

7) Coruscant - The Jedi Temple was destroyed when the Imperials abandoned Coruscant as the SSD Lusankya erupted from underneath the city itself. Also, the Senate Building was destroyed during Lord Monarch's attack in the Fall of Coruscant. So neither building is still around on the planet.

8) Tatooine - Mos Espa and Mos Eisley are on opposite ends of the planet, just wanted to mention that. And obviously, the Hutts (Jabba especially) don't control the planet anymore.

9) Geonosis - Geonosis is a mining world, rich in resources. This system still exists within Galaxy Force and its insectiod race still inhabit their homeworld. They are however, not available for use as a playable race.

10) Kamino - OFF-Limits. It was initially hidden and even though it probably still exists, it remains in secrecy from all archives, records, and nav-charts available throughout the galaxy. Kamino will not be allowed as a system in Galaxy Force.

11) Age of the Republic - Chancellor Palpatine mentions that the Republic has stood for a thousand years. As the birth of the Republic occured TWENTY-FIVE thousand years ago, this comment was meant to state that there hasn't been a major war within the Republic in that time, and peace has reigned for a thousand years. Just wanted to clarify.

12) Cloning - No clones. Cloning was outlawed throughout most of the galaxy after the Clone Wars. All cloning facilities where shut-down, dismantled, or destroyed. A few secret labs remained, and have been used by Emperor Palpatine, Thrawn, and others over the years, but these instances are extremely rare. You cannot role-play a clone within Galaxy Force. And any cloning technology needs to be approved through the Head GM before-hand; and in most cases, will likely be denied.

13) Dark Side Disfiguring - Dark Siders eyes will turn yellow when using the Dark Side over time. This effect can be hidden when dealing with others, as both Anakin and Palpatine were able to do. However, the mask will fail when using Dark Side powers. Other disfiguring, such as aging the flesh, transforming the Dark Sider into a twisted zombie-like appearance, may occur for those that immerse themselves completely to the level Dark Mastery, but this occurs only on rare occasions and is not considered normal for all Dark Siders.