Surrender your cargo or be destroyed!

Cargo runs and merchant trading obviously exist and occur regularly throughout the known galaxy. It is assumed there are normal cargo runs with sufficient escorts. And usually conducted by neutral or independent shipping companies with little protection, not by military factions under strong escorts.

Pirates are often able and encouraged to attack these shipments. Realistically, however, it would be easier and highly more successful to launch these pirate raids against Neutrals and Independents, not the major factions themselves. Raids against the larger factions usually fail due to superior weaponry, better pilots, or reinforcements arriving to assist. Not to mention, the major spacelanes within the higher factions are usually patrolled or at least monitored to reduce pirate attacks.

Within a sector of space, the more successful the pirate raids are, the higher and stronger the defenses will eventually become. When defenses are too strong, the pirate group should move to better hunting grounds.

Finally, when conducting a pirate attack, it is asked that you state your location, at least in reference to the nearest system on the map. Many areas are patrolled, monitored with probes, and sometimes even mined. The GM needs to know where you are in relation with those areas, in case something unexpected happens to befall your group during a raid.

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