In regards to 'Vector Prime, etc.'

1) Time References - Galaxy Force history breaks off after the events of 'Balance Point'. Up until (and including) Balance Point, all events transpired as written. After that, the war was condensed and shortened. The combined forces of the Alliance, the Jedi, the Imperial Remnant, the Hapans, the Corporate Sector, and countless other galactic governments succeeded in halting the Vong advance and driving them back. As a result of this, Anakin Solo and Borsk Fel'ya were both still alive, the New Republic still exists in the same form, the Jedi Academy is still standing on Yavin, and many worlds, including Coruscant, are still habitable and intact. Feel free to have your character's history include the war against the Vong. In fact, it definitely should mention the Vong war and your involvement, if any. Just remember which books didn't occur in GF, and that the war was over 22 years after ROJ, three years earlier than the New Jedi Order states.

2) Yuuzhan Vong - This race is not open for playing characters. Much like the Ssi-ruuk, Yevethans, Chiss, etc... The fate of the Vong invasion is similar in Galaxy Force to that of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. They have been defeated and driven back into the Unknown Regions. Your character's history should include your involvement in the war against them, if any, but do not try to use the race itself; you will be denied.

3) Vong Technology - Off-limits. The bio-living ships and weaponry are not around, assume that it was all collected, destroyed, or vanished when the Yuuzhan Vong returned to the Unknown Regions. Do not try to use the tech, I won't approve it.

4) Jedi Council - Luke was planning to reform the Jedi Council in a similar fashion to what we saw in Episode I. This new council still exists today, but is much looser in the governing of the Jedi Knights than the original council. High Masters Kasia and Tele serve on the council along with the other Jedi Masters of the Academies. They only meet when important matters or a crisis need to be discussed, otherwise the council leaves the Jedi to their own judgement and guidance.

5) Chief of State - After the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Borsk Fel'ya stepped down as Chief of State, citing numerous minor excuses and problems as official reasons; prefering to remain in politics by working behind the scenes indirectly. Leia Organa Solo returned as Chief of State once again, determined to strengthen the decaying New Republic - a government that seemed to care more about petty internal problems than the threat of a major hostile invasion. She once again restored the galaxy's faith in the New Republic, only to be killed during Monarch's savage attack on Coruscant.