Picking your fighter was the easy part

Each type of fighter will have it's own type of missions, with opponents tailored toward that mission. This will help the Fighter GMs to have some ideas in advance, and possibly let them use the same mission at a later date for a different player.

Success or failure of a mission will now have a DIRECT impact on the club. Bonus/penalties on ship production, gathering of intelligence, disruption of commerce and decreased monthly income for the faction. This way the fighter pilots are accomplishing something for their factions.

The following mission profiles are there so the starfighter missions have TIE/X-Wing game series atmosphere. With mission objectives known beforehand, and aborting the mission if you fail. The GM will have power to destroy convoys you are protecting, have ships you are tying to disable become destroyed if you use lasers or too many missiles, or have ships escape before you can identify them.

Fighter Squadron Commanders are free to post missions in the Starfighter Missions Topic. The same applies for any Fleet Commander who wants to do a brief fighter battle. Just use a squadron within your fleet and post it in the fighter topic.

NOTE: (The following is written from the New Republic point of view. The Imperial fighter equivalents are near the bottom. The missions are similar for both.)

Escort/Assault Missions:
- missions will be predominantly for the X-Wings, E-Wings, and F-22s.
- escorting a cargo convoy or capital ship of the Alliance against enemies (Pirates/Imperials), with the GM capable of destroying the assigned cargo if you do poorly. Assault missions would involve attacking an enemy convoy and its escort, hindering their supplies. (Or a smaller capital ship on patrol).
- successful missions will result in bonus/penalties times for ship production. If you defend a convoy of hyperspace parts, a ship might be completed earlier, if you destroy an enemy convoy, they will have a longer production time.

- missions will be predominantly for the A-Wings, E-Wings, and Vipers.
- these missions will be fast and quick. Get in, get the information, and get out. Whether it is locating a fleet and determining its size, scanning a ship for its cargo contents, locating enemy defenses and testing readiness. Of course, you will often encounter enemy attack and be forced to engage other enemy fighters, but the information is the objective, getting out of there is more important than getting your kills in.
- successful missions of these types will primarily boast much needed intelligence about enemy capabilities and defenses, setup for a later assault or a bombing mission, and sometimes even be used for Final Intel before a full-scale fleet invasion. Completing these missions will often have vital consequences for your faction in the future.

- these missions will be for the K-Wings and the B-Wings.
- disabling a cargo convoy, capturing Imperial shipments for your use within the Alliance. Rescuing prisoners from a Prison Barge, anywhere you need the craft intact. Or Bombing runs: Destroying a larger capital ship, or ground targets on the surface of a world: Imperial Garrisons, AT-ATs, Construction Yards, Moon Bases, any large facility that needs to be eliminated. These missions may often be accompanied by other fighters in escorting missions assigned to protect you. Although do not always rely on them to protect your slower craft, you may need to step in there and mix it up with some enemy fighters also.
- bonuses are obvious: Destroying the enemy's ability to attack you, or stealing their own supplies for use against them.

Imperial Missions:
- Imperial Fighters have similar mission profiles:

Escort/Assault Missions:
- TIEs, Interceptors, Defenders

- Interceptors, Avengers

- Bombers, Gunboats, Scimitars

And of course, missions can and will overlap. All fighters do not always HAVE to be restricted to these missions. But it is what they were originally designed for and are best at.

CSA Missions:
- the missions for the CSA fighters will focus against pirates and smugglers: disabling smugglers, stopping a pirate raid, locating a pirate base, detaining and inspecting smuggler's craft.