". . . you are not a Jedi yet."

Here is some more on how the ranking system works in GF and what each rank means. Be aware that every student is different and not everyone can learn everything that another can learn. Some move more slowly than others. Please do not compare your training to that of another. You can not speed up the course in becoming who you were meant to be.

This is the ranking system for Light Jedi in Galaxy Force. Ranked from lowest to highest.

Beginner Levels
Advanced Levels
Master Levels
Force Adept
Advanced Jedi
Master Trainee
Jedi Trainee
Jedi Knight
Jedi Master
Advanced Knight
High Master

Force Adept - At this level, the student has some level of Force potential. The student has either had very little or no training, but has their mind set on steady training. Discussions will be had with the Adept in beginning to discover their proficiencies and to learn why they wish to become a Jedi.

Jedi Trainee - At this level, the student has begun serious training. They are becoming more aware of the Force and how it works. They may learn such things as meditating in the Force, telepathy, levitation and small healing techniques. The Trainee will also take part in discussions on the Light Side and the Dark Side; questions are to be asked. Training with practice sabers can also begin later on in this rank.
Jedi - At this level, the student has become adept at the things taught as a Trainee. Now the student will begin fine-tuning and honing in on a certain area that they may be proficient at. Once this area is determined, training and practices will revolve mostly around this area as well as other lesser ones. Saber training begins or continues at this level. There will be discussions on the Force and a Jedi's place within it.

Advanced Jedi - This rank receives the most intense training of any rank, testing the student to see if they have what it takes to become a Knight. The student knows what their area of expertise is and is quite proficient at it. They are ready to enhance other aspects of their training, such as saber dueling. Jedi of this rank should take part in a mission with others, preferably with agents of the New Republic to help with a dispute or rendering aid to another world. This is a must that such a mission takes place, and is required if you truly wish to become a Knight.

Knight - At this level, the student is well trained and is considered a prime Jedi and the backbone of the Jedi as a whole. Their amount of training decreases, if they wish. They should go on quests or look for ways to help others (as a Jedi is supposed to); this can be through working with New Republic diplomats, helping a Master at an Academy, searching for potential Jedi students, etc. They can also travel with other Knights. This is to prove to themselves that they can be self-sufficient with what they have learned. This helps the student to be more independent.

Advanced Knight - An Advanced Knight is a Knight who wishes to attempt training. At this level, the Knight has either returned from some sort of quest, or succeeded in using the abilities they were taught to help with some great task. During the quest, a Knight can discover that their true desire is to share their knowledge with students. With High Master approval, they may train a low-ranking student to see if this is where their destiny lies.

Master Trainee - To reach this level, the Knight has seriously decided to train students. They will be taking on new responsibilities. They will learn how to train students while also keeping their own abilities at peak performance. They may also have other duties to perform as well and may travel alot. This is a strenuous rank, second only to the Advanced Jedi.

Jedi Master - To become a Master, the Jedi must think only of the students. To train students is the top priority. A person of this rank has decided that training is their path as a Jedi; to share their knowledge and skills with new and upcoming students. A Master must be continuously training at least one student in order to maintain this rank. If the Jedi no longer wishes to train, they will lose their Master rank and become a Knight again.

High Master - There are only two High Masters at any given time: the overall Jedi of the Academies and the Head Instructor. The High Masters are extremely proficient in many varieties of skills. Though training of students is still a priority, it is not as high as those of a Master rank. The High Master must be prepared to be called at any time by the New Republic or the Force to go forth to help wherever they are needed. Former High Masters still retain their title as honorary.