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Galaxy Force takes place 43 years after the Battle of Endor (Return of the Jedi), and continues to struggle for universal domination. Choose your side and prepare for your destiny.

The New Republic, led by Supreme Admiral DeVon Doyle, continues to maintain peace as the Rebellion did generations prior. The Galactic Empire pledges to one day claim the Galaxy, as they feel is their right. The Dark and Light Jedi continue with their tradition of training and devotion to the Force. The Hapes Consortium remains an isolated power, led by Queen Mother T'eklara. The Penstar Alignment and the Corporate Sector Authority struggle to secure their holds and borders against the larger powers. The Fringers continue to make a living through profiteering, pirate attacks, and smuggling. The Chevron, a large space station, is devoted to the hope that one day the Galaxy will live in peace. Only the New Republic, the Empire, or the Fringe are available to join as Playing Characters, the rest are just factions to interact within the story.

When asking to join, please use the following format:

Player Name:

Your Real Name (or Delphi membername)

RPG Experience

How much, if any, Role Playing (online) have you had? What clubs/RPGs have you played in? Any other previous gaming experience?

Found us by

How did you hear about Galaxy Force? A friend? Passing by? A Search engine? Our Web Site?

Character Name

Character Name (actual names from books/movies not allowed)


Alliance/Empire (choose Fleet Commander/Fighter Pilot) or Neutral Fringer (choose smuggler/bounty hunter/pirate)

Force Abilities

Do you wish to train as a Light Jedi/Dark Jedi/Sith? (if you wish to play a Force User, read the information under the "Jedi" & "Sith" in the frame to the left.)


Any existing race (not allowed: Vorlons/First Ones, Borg, Q, etc)


Any planet in timeline on galactic map


Character's age (we are currently 43 yrs after Return of the Jedi)

Character Description

Preferably at least one paragraph describing your character. What does your character look like? What type of person is he/she?

Character Background

Preferably at least a one page history of your character leading up to current timeline. What kind of events has your character gone through? What was your character doing before this time? What are your character's goals?