". . . a Jedi must have a serious mind."

So, you've decided you want to be a Jedi. Now what?

Being a Jedi should be taken seriously. This is not a frivolous decision.

The role of a Jedi in current Galaxy Force history: Unlike the time when the trilogies took place, there has been a Jedi Academy (or more than one) in existence for nearly 40 years now. There are many Jedi and Jedi Masters at this period in GF's history. Though we are no way near the amount during Ulic's time 4,000 years ago, hopefully we will expand to such greatness one day.

Here's some basics on being a Jedi. Read them and see if you still feel that your character has what it takes to be a Jedi.

- A main point to keep in mind: a Jedi is alot like the gallant Knights and Paladins of our Earth's history, or in D&D. They strive for goodness and honor.

1) Your character must be Force Sensitive - Remember that being Force Sensitive is a rare and special thing, not everyone has the opportunities that you have to do good.

2) Jedi Extinction - In your character's history, parents or grandparents may have been hunted down by Vader and the Emperor. This is a good thing to keep in mind when creating your character's history.

3) The Good Guy - By deciding to be a Jedi (essentially, a 'good guy'), you will be following a strict code to preserve goodness.

4) Guardian and Counselor - "Guardians of the Peace", a label often given to Jedi Knights. At one time, every system had a Jedi assigned to them as a protector and watcher. It is our goal to one day be able to fulfill this role again.

- Jedi give guidance, acting as counselors to those who desire advice. In the past, Jedi worked along side rulers and leaders, where their words were highly respected.

5) Honorable - A Jedi must be honorable and noble. A Jedi cannot allow an evil to occur by 'doing nothing' -- voluntarily standing by and allowing an evil to occur goes against everything a Jedi stands for. 'Reasonable' efforts should be made to prevent the evil from happening.

6) A Jedi must take action! - Peaceful ways to resolve a dispute is preferred, but a Jedi will take up arms in defense of the innocent.

7) Missions - A major duty of a Jedi involves going on missions. Missions can involve recovery of artifacts, acting as an ambassador or mediator during diplomatic disputes, transportation of persons through dangerous territory, interpretation of phenomena in distant places, etc. For most missions, it's the upper ranks of the Jedi who do the assigning.

8) Never act in anger - A Jedi never acts from hatred, anger, fear, or agression. A Jedi must act when he is calm, at peace with the Force. To act with anger filling one's soul is to risk temptation to the Dark Side.

9) To Kill is wrong - The Force is created by life. A Jedi acts to preserve life. Yet, he may kill if by his action he preserves the existence of life.

10) Non-violent Solutions - A Jedi must seek nonviolent solutions to problems. A Jedi should try to find an alternative to killing. Though a Jedi may be committing evil for the greater good, killing is still evil. The death is a stain upon his spirit.

11) Evil by Association - It is not acceptable to associate with those who willfully choose to commit evil. There are certain aspects to this that are acceptable: working with a 'disreputable' smuggler toward a potential goal, etc. (If you have questions on this, ask the Force GM.)

12) Unselfish Acts - The Jedi do not act for personal power or wealth. A Jedi seeks knowledge and enlightenment, peace and harmony. He wishes to defeat individuals who would destroy the above, and those inflicting death, or tyranny upon others.

13) Clothing - Jedi often wear distinctive clothing proclaiming their status: a brown or dark robe with a hood, some sort of dark jumpsuit underneath, and their saber.

- There may be rare times when a Jedi needs to be in a certain place incognito (perhaps during a special mission) but the majority of the time, a Jedi does not conceal their status.

14) Weapons - The weapon of a Jedi is a lightsaber. Though a Jedi is also trained in other areas of combat and with various weapons, the saber is still the weapon of choice.