Use the Force. . .

The following guidelines are for those planning on creating a Jedi character. Please read the following before you write up your bio. These are some basic things to follow before and after you join with your Jedi character.

Also, read "How to be a Jedi" link in the frame to the left. It will help you after your Jedi character is approved.

1) FORCE USERS - If you choose to have a character who is Force sensitive, it is to be your Main PC. Each member is only allowed ONE Force Sensitive character. NPCs are not allowed to have Force potential, unless otherwise stated by a GM.

2) APPROVAL - Once your character has been approved, a Master will post your training subject. You will also receive your rank, more than likely Force Adept for the Light Jedi or Dark Acolyte for the Dark Jedi.

3) ARRIVAL - When your class note has been posted, you will go there and write out your own entrance note. First write a note describing your character. Include in your description any talents, past Force experience, brief life history, what kind of training you wish to receive, and anything else you wish to add. Then write a separate story note with your character entering the Academy. You will be met by someone. This may seem like a lot, but it will determine your training.

4) RANK - New Students will start out as either a Force Adept or Dark Acolyte, unless otherwise arranged. A new student can NOT start out above the rank of Jedi Trainee (there are few exceptions, based on GM approval).

5) JEDI POWERS - All Jedi/Dark Jedi should email the Force GM their specific special attack/abilities (ie: Force Blast) prior to an expected battle/duel, for they must be approved. If this is not done, then your special attacks will not be allowed during the upcoming duel.

6) LIGHTSABERS - Light Jedi will have NO SABERS until the rank of JEDI. You will be allowed to practice with sabers in the *Jedi Arena* (ONLY) at ANY rank. Once you reach the rank of JEDI, there will be a special quest where you will search for crystals to make your own saber. When you are ready for such a quest, ask your Master to begin the storyline.

Dark Jedi are given a lightsaber when they first arrive at the Academy and trained in its usage. If you wish, you may still build your own once you reach the rank of Dark Jedi.

7) ADVANCEMENT - Your advancement through the ranks will be between your Master (if not an NPC) and the Force GM. It will be determined according to each individual. Training, comprehension, amount of time on-line, and other instances are also taken into account for rank advancement. ALL things will be taken into consideration, so don't feel that it is a competition.

8) MILITARY JEDI - If you are creating a character that wishes to be a Jedi and also serve in the Alliance as a fleet or ship commander at the same time, then you will not be allowed to rise above the rank of Jedi (which is the 3rd rank out of 9). Being a Fleet Admiral is a high and demanding position, and would seriously hinder and detract from time spent in Jedi training. Not to mention there is a conflict of interests, and the Jedi training should be paramount. There are many qualified ship commanders that are non-sensitive, but it is still rare to find Force Potential in a person. The Jedi training should take precedence.

This is not the same case with the Dark Jedi because the Dark Jedi strive for power in any form possible. And there are Imperial Dark Jedi which are trained specifically to serve the Empire within fleets.

9) COUNCIL - The Light Jedi do have a Jedi Council (of sorts). It is made up of current Jedi Masters and High Masters. The Jedi Council is not as 'seriously toned' as in Episode One, but a loosely formed one does exist and gathers in emergencies or when needed.

10) SPIRITS - You CANNOT use "Darth Vader" or any such as a character to interact with during training or on quests. He is dead, and "Dead is Dead!" End of story. If you wish to try something with another character, take it to e-mail and ask.