Aliens vs. Predator

By order of the Imperial Navy, the Ixion System has been quarantined. No vessels shall enter the system or suffer the consequences. Any ships attempting to approach the primary planet will be destroyed. No warnings will be given.


Ixion. Far off the normal trade lanes, near the edge of known space and far from the hustle and bustle of the Galactic Core. Nothing spectacular about the world: various climates, forests, mountains, and jungles. No native intelligent life. Decades ago, Ixion was chosen as an ideal colony world, perfect for farming and breeding livestock. Now, its harvest is in full bloom.

Until recently, over half-a-million loyal Imperial citizens called the world home. Several large cities were developed along the coastal areas, the inland regions reserved for farmers and their crops. A few small Imperial garrisons were scattered across the landscape, housing several divisions of stormtroopers and TIE fighters, leaving the world in relative peace so long as taxes were maintained and sent to Coruscant.

Today, the planet is overrun. The remaining citizens (those that are still alive), fight a constant daily struggle for survival. Cities have been abandoned, several even blown to oblivion from orbiting warships.

The remaining Imperial forces are in a chaotic frenzy. Low on supplies and weaponry, they try to subdue an unstoppable enemy that continues to expand, to breed.

In orbit, a Imperial Star Destroyer has been permanently assigned patrol of this system. It's mission: to ensure NOTHING lands on or leaves the planet intact.

That's the setting for this topic. The Topic GMs for this storyline will have primary control of the aliens that have overrun the planet.

In general terms, any player is more than welcome to pop in here as stormtrooper, a ground forces unit, colonists, or farmers. These are primarily SOLO storylines for players to write on their own, fighting an never-ending war for survival. The Topic GMs may pop in to help kill you, but mostly the stories will be on your own.

Just be advised, EVERYONE - no one is getting off this planet, EVER. You can (and should) try to escape within your storylines so the stories will be realistic and give the characters hope, but you WILL ultimately fail.

These characters are not Secondary, or even Tertiary characters, they are NPCs and do not need approval to be introduced. However, the planet was 99.9% human, so don't pop up here with a different race without a damn good reason (and prior GM approval).

Also more than likely, these characters should (and will) be killed within a dozen or so notes. They are used to embellish the story and give a graphic, gory, darker side to Galaxy Force. If you're lucky, you might manage to survive for awhile, but the Topic GMs can kill you whenever they gets sick of talking to you, or you can kill them yourself in a blaze of glory.

If one of the Topic GMs kill you in a storyline, you're dead. No arguing, no complaining. Accept it. This is just a warning to everyone ahead of time. If you die, you can always make up another NPC to continue fighting.