Things to know before joining

Below are important guidelines within the club. Each of the guidelines is of equal importance. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in being 'gagged' or 'blocked' from posting or even reading in the Forums. Expanded and revised rules for "net-iquette" and protocol are located within the Galaxy Force Charter and will be strictly adhered to. Failure to review the charter will not excuse inappropriate actions and may result in 'In-Character' and 'Out-of-Character' repercussions.

1) NO BICKERING: Bickering or arguing will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member or a GM, take it to email. Real-life problems are not to interfere with the running of the club.

2) NAME INFRINGEMENT: There will be no Solos, Skywalkers, Leias, Vaders, Fetts... whatever. Using major names from the movies or books is prohibited. Minor names may sometimes be permitted but must first be cleared by the Head GM.

3) CHALLENGING A RULING: Anyone who disagrees with a CLUB-RELATED ruling is more than welcome to EMAIL the appropriate GM and complain. After listening to your arguments and reasons, if justified, the GM can change and alter their ruling. Though, if they disagree, they should explain the reason for the current ruling and why it stands. Club related rulings are mostly battle rulings.

4) NEW IDEAS/PROPOSALS: Stories can be posted by anyone, at anytime. With major stories that would have a dramatic impact in the club, please email the GM with the proposal before you begin, just so we are aware of certain situations that may arise and give approval.

5) NEW SHIPS/FIGHTERS: Galaxy Force is currently NOT accepting new capital ships or fighters besides the ones in use. There is plenty to choose from already, each with its own speciality and purpose. Utilize them for peak efficiency and maximium results. For Neutral Fringe freighters, transports and small shuttle craft, the ships CAN be more customized and can be made to look different with similar-type stats. Some individuals currently have unique freighters looking like the Defiant, a Maqui ship, a Jem Hadar ship, a Runabout, or a Ferengi Marauder, but all use normal freighter stats. Please email a GM first for approval. (Note: those ships just mentioned are in use and not available)

6) NOTE POSTING: It is appreciated that players try to post at least one note per week. Even if it is just to report in and say hi. We understand that it isn't always possible, people are busy or on vacation. If you know you aren't going to be around, perhaps email someone in advance. Repeated unexcused absences will not be tolerated.

7) DUAL NOTES: As your character, you can only be in one place at a time. Therefore, players are only permitted to post as their character in one subject at a time. (NOTE: the only area where double subject appearances can occur is in a Jedi/Dark Jedi area. A member CAN be receiving training AND be in another location at the same time. It is assumed that the training took place either before or after the other event. Please try to specifiy within the storyline.)

8) HYPERSPACE: Entering into or leaving hyperspace does NOT have to be posted. People on the other side of the galaxy would not know you were doing so. In normal storylines where combat is not a factor, you may simply continue your storyline with your craft exiting hyperspace, preferably stating that some time has passed - from a few hours if within the same sector, to a day or two with adjacent sectors, to a week or more if crossing the galaxy. If it is such a long journey, you might want to write your what your character is doing while in hyperspace and have them do a few stops along the major hyperspace routes to help embellish your storyline.

If you are entering hyperspace with a fleet, or anywhere that you will be arriving for combat, email the GM where you are jumping from and your planned destination. The GM will give you an estimated time of arrival. You may not post a note until your time of arrival. During battles, hyperspace times will vary and are stated in terms of Rounds, so you could be waiting for a few days (or even weeks) realtime until the battle reaches the accquired round.

9) IN-CLUB: If an event is not written online in the club, then it did not happen (in GF terms anyway). Things that happened in other clubs or in email, did not happen in GF.

If there is something that you do not wish for other characters to know, but is important for your story, then make a note somewhere in the note reminding players.

What people know 'in-character' and what they know 'out-of-character' are two different things. If a character acts as if they know something that they wouldn't have known, then a GM will step in and intervene.

10) HELP!! If there is something in the club you need help with, whether it's creating a character, info on a planet, stats for a ship, etc.. please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help. =)