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There are many GameMasters within Galaxy Force. Each major topic (Fringe, Starfighter, Ixion, Chevron) will have GMs that moderate and write storylines for interaction within that topic. For anyone having a question or problem, please ask the appropriate GM.

Here's the breakdown of some of the GMing responsibilities.

Fringe GMs
Fringe GMs will be doing the NPC defenses for any pirate groups that are attacking ships or cargos, and working with the smugglers and the bounty hunters on their missions and jobs. They will give them their assignments, and interact with them on the missions.

Fighter GMs
The Fighter GMs basically run the starfighter missions for the fighter pilots. Each pilot has (or should have) their own squadron note within their faction topic. Mission briefings/debriefings will be conducted there by the Fighter GMs. The Starfighter Topic itself will be for posting the actual missions where the Fighter GMs will conduct the battle and decide if the player accomplishes the mission objectives.

Force GMs
The Force GMs have final say in what Jedi/Dark Jedi powers are allowed, what ranks would be capable of doing what abilities, any rulings during Jedi battles, what Jedi abilities can be used in a space battles and the amount of damage done, things of that nature.

Overall GM
Doyle, of course, is the Head GameMaster. He retains the power to overrule any decision or note made by the other GMs. Any player can ask him to review notes and overturn/null them.

HOWEVER, unless there is a drastic reason, Doyle will normally side with his GameMasters. He gave them the jobs for a reason; he will trust and back their notes and decisions in most circumstances.