Looks aren't everything

Here you will find prices for freighters and fighters found throughout the fringe. All new members of the Fringe start out with 50,000 standard New Republic credits and must purchase their own ship. They may purchase whatever they can afford.

Corellian Corvette (civilian/cargo) 5,000,000 cr
Bulk Freighter 1,000,000 cr
Medium Transport 500,000 cr
Luxury Space Yacht 300,000 cr
Muurian Stock Transport 250,000 cr
Centurion SRX Hunter 200,000 cr
Galaxy ZH-25 Transport 150,000 cr
YT-1500 Stock Freighter 100,000 cr
YT-2400 Stock Freighter 80,000 cr
Orion 508 Stock Freighter 60,000 cr
YT-2000 Stock Freighter 50,000 cr
Ghtroc 720 Stock Freighter 25,000 cr
Tarsus Exploratory Scout 10,000 cr
Archon Raider
not available for sale
Blade Marauder
not available for sale
Echnos Typhoon
not available for sale
ICP Interceptor
not available for sale
Skipray Blastboat 200,000cr 2,000,000cr per squad
Drow VL-7 Lamprey 125,000cr 1,250,000cr per squad
Y-wing Bomber 80,000cr 800,000cr per squad
Z-95 Headhunter 50,000cr 500,000cr per squad
UGLY Composite 10,000cr 100,000cr per squad