Important for Fleet Officers

1) Fleet Strength - Fleet size does not have to be posted publicly. It should only remain posted within the Secret Topic Area for your faction. The enemy does not need to know what ships you have unless you are in direct combat against them. That is what espionage and surveillance is for. Intelligence in the past has not existed. I want to change that. If they want to know what you have, let them try to find out.

2) Fleet Location - Same thing. Why would the New Republic know where Imperial ships are located? And vice-versa. You do not have to state where your fleet is publicly (although it will be posted in the Secret Info Areas). They might have an idea, (ie: the Corellian SECTOR) but they don't know if it's Corellia, Sacorria, or some other system. If they want to know, let them invest in spies and surveillance.

3) Gathering your Fleet - In most cases the majority of your fleet will be on patrols and guarding other areas of space during normal times in GF. When you wish to attack, you will "Recall your fleet" to get it back to full strength. If enemy intelligence is in the area they will hear about "the Rebel fleet amassing near Sullust".

When attacking a planet that has a fleet unsuspecting, the majority of THAT fleet will be on patrols and escorts, etc... Thereby, leaving little ships defending the planet.

4) NPC ships - When recalling your fleet for attack, it is possible that several ships in the surrounding area (other Imperials on patrol) will join with your Strike Force. As a result, you will be able to use these NPC ships as your own for the remainder of the assault.

Similarly, the planet you are attacking my have distinguished visitors, ships refuelling, or dropping off cargo. These NPC ships will be added to the enemies' fleet to help defend the planet.

5) Ship stats: Go to the web site for all ship stats.

6) Fighters - There are '12' fighters per squadron in Galaxy Force. Except for various elite squads that may have other amounts. To see the fighter complement aboard each ship, please check out the web site stats.

7) Ship Building - more on that later.