Okay.. Now What?

There have been alot of questions asked and answered over the years that are extremely helpful for newer members. They have been collected here into once place. Questions you've always wondered about, things that would be helpful at all.. The questions can be about gameplay, club formation, playing a jedi, playing a fringer, about what is 'cannon', timelines, who are leaders, what planets are in the club, etc.. whatever player can think of..

>> How do I start?
You already have!! The best way is to read the Galaxy Force Guidelines, this site. Afterward, create a bio of a character you would like to play and post it for approval in the most current *Join Here* subject in the Info/Joining/Guidelines topic. Fill out the application in the first note of the subject. A GM will then either approve your character or make suggestions in how you can make changes in order for it to be approved. From there, after final approval, you will then begin in the topic you have chosen to join.

>> Do I have to get approval for everything I post?
No. Things that do require GM approval are storylines that would have an impact on the club as a whole (such as an admiral suddenly deciding to attack somewhere without official orders). If there is something that you are not sure would be allowed, just email or ask a GM in the forum; that would be the smoothest way to go.

>> What about dice, do you use them?
Yes. We do have programs and spreadsheets in certain circumstances to help create a randomness and results within gameplay. But, since Galaxy Force is a story RPG, the best results are determined by the effort put into the story.

>> Are the allowable races restricted to things that are seen only in Star Wars?
> Would an appropriately-powered race from elsewhere be allowable?
W e try to keep with the standard Star Wars races. Rare and elite SW races are not playable. And we don't allow Klingons or Romulans, if that's what you mean. We do however, allow a member-created race from time to time, if the race fits in with the known universe in some form and has GM approval beforehand.

>> Alot of races from the movies seem to have no background information applied to them.
> Can one create a race, as long as a VERY thorough profile is written and posted for them?
If they don't have wildly-unreasonable abilities?
Like the above answer, it is feasible. It'd be easier to get one approved if they aren't incredibly high on the technology level, that way we can use that as an explanation why no one has heard of them before. But there are also a great many current races that cover a wide range of types and abilities as well. If you want a race you've seen in the movies, but don't know what it is, ask us, we can figure it out for you.

>> What if I don't know that much about Star Wars?
You can still play in Galaxy Force. It does help, of course, to have at least seen the movies. But there are other roles you can play where just basic knowledge of science fiction would be all that were required.

>>As a Fringer, how do I go about getting missions?
Once your Fringe character is approved the GM, you are then free to post notes in the Fringe topic. You will then be approached by a Fringe GM who will propose various missions based on the job of your character.

>>How much GM interaction should I expect for:

> My Starfighter Character?
After character approval, you will report to the Starfighter Missions topic where the Starfighter GM will discuss how you wish to proceed with your pilot. You will receive specialized missions/duties depending on whether you have a single pilot character or an entire squadron. The stories can be written solo or with the GM playing NPCs to help the storyline along.

> My Fringe Character?
After character approval, you will report the The Fringe topic where a Fringe GM will offer you a mission so your character can accumulate credits. The stories can be written solo or with the GM playing NPCs to help the storyline along.

> My Jedi Character?
After character approval, you will report to either the Dark Brotherhood topic or the Jedi Academy topic. There you will receive specialized training to help your character learn enough to advance in rank. The stories can be written solo or with the GM playing NPCs to help the storyline along.

> My Ship Commander?
After character approval, you will report to either the Galactic Empire topic or the New Republic topic. The GM interaction is different with a ship commander. Your character will work more with the leaders of your chosen side, your Fleet commander, as well as the Story and Naval GMs.

Again, the GM interaction depends on the situations and on the player's preference. Some prefer to work solo on stories while others would like a GM to work with them every step of the way. It can be different for everyone.

>> What if I want to play a Jedi, how does training work with my main character off doing other things?
Jedi and Dark Siders are allowed to continue training in one subject while doing one another storyline elsewhere. It has to be stated in the storyline whether it takes place before or after the current training. This way the GM can know what level the Force-user is during the storyline, in case of the rare chance of encountering another Force-user.

>> How do Jedi characters actually work?
Please read the specific section on Jedi within this Guideline.

>> Can a character be using the Force with absolutely no idea that this is what they are doing?
> If so... what's that called and what are the rules on it?

It is possible for a character to be using the Force and not realize it. More than likely it would only be enhanced instincts, like knowing when something dangerous may occur or being able to tell when someone is being deceitful.. things along that line. Obviously, if it was more than that, then the character should be suspicious of their own abilities. It would just be called, basically, an untrained Jedi.. there isn't really a term for it.. the character would have Force Potential and be untrained.

>> What if my Jedi wants to do missions in the fringe after his training?
> Will he be able to use his force powers in his missions?

Usually training continues at the same time as the Fringe missions. You would just have to state when exactly during your training the current Fringe story is taking place. Unless of course your Jedi has left the training behind, then the character would only know up to the point they left. And yes, your character can use Force powers during the mission, but only what they've learned and nothing more.

>> Can I have my Jedi still be a light Jedi if he kills someone?
If it was outright murder, then no. If it was in some other circumstance, like defending an innocent life, then yes. It depends on the circumstance.

>> What are 'Grey Jedi' and 'Shadow Jedi'? And are there any in Galaxy Force?
A Grey Jedi and/or a Shadow Jedi are Force-users who are able to yield both the Dark Side and the Light Side at will. We do not allow Grey Jedi in the club. A player must choose either the Dark Side or the Light Side. They cannot be both.

The closest Galaxy Force has to this type of Jedi would be a Rogue Jedi. A Rogue Jedi can also be termed a Fallen Jedi. A Rogue Jedi is a Jedi who once was taught as a Light Jedi and turned away from the teachings for whatever reason. They can also be a Force-user who has never had any formalized teaching, yet strives to use their abilities for good -- the problem with that situation is that since they have not had any true teachings as a Jedi, they have no way of trully knowing if they are touching the Dark Side as well. So technically, in these situations, a Rogue Jedi is bordering on being a Dark Jedi (at least in the eyes of a Jedi Master). A Dark Master may even consider such a Force-user as a liability and confront them to test their loyalties.

In terms of D&D alignments, if a Light Jedi is Lawful Good and a Dark Sider is Evil, then a Rogue Jedi might be considered Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or even Lawful Evil.

>> What is Godmoding?
God-moding is when a player creates a character that is insanely unreal, either due to their own abilities or an item. For instance "my amulet of immortality counteracts a boulder falling on my head from 1,000 feet up" or "I can't die because my head that you cut off can regenerate."

>> Do you have the Advanced Assault Gunboat from TIE Fighter games with the SLAM system?
The Tie Fighter campaign has occured within the GF universe but the Assault gunboat technology and the prototype are no longer a part of the Imperial arsenal and unavailable for use.

>> I saw a reference to a AT-MT. What is that?
It looks like a spider and is used to scale mountains. They are called MT-AT: Mountain Terrain Armoured Transport. They were designed on Carida, specifically for sheer inclines. They were first used against the New Republic facility on Anoth where the infant Anakin Solo was in sanctuary.

>> Can a player introduce a new fighter/weapon company with an appropiate storyline?
Not usually. However, the Head GM will hear proposals and possibly consider it. But for newer players or starting characters... no.

>> Do you have vessels/weapons/tech from Robotech/Macross or Gundam Wing?
Warhammer, Robotech, Gundam Wing techmology are not readily available within the GF universe.

>> Do all characters begin with the same starting cash / resources?
>> If so, how much do they get for their starting equipment/craft/sundry items?

Fringers are mainly the only characters that start with a set amount of credits (50,000 at present). With this, they purchase their freighter and any upgrades they can afford. Smaller items like personal weapons are usually just included with the character when they begin, as long as they are not too extreme or beyond the normal basics.

>> tell me more about freighters:

> How do I get one?

you would more than likely purchase one, either new or used.

> How do I get the money to pay for it?
all new fringer characters start out with 50,000 credits which is enough to get a basic freighter and maybe an upgrade or two.

> Can I steal one?
not likely

> Can mine be stolen?
a fringe gm could put you in a situation where it might be possible for a character's freighter to be stolen.

> Can a player destroy my freighter?
Yes, if the story is written in such a way. This would be decided by the Fringe GM. Before such an action occurred, the player usually has the option of surrendering or escaping in an escape pod to prevent the chracter from being killed.

> If a player atacks me, can I destroy his ship?
Yes, see above answer.

> Can a freighter get me anywhere on the map?
If it has a hyperdrive, yes (except for hidden worlds that aren't on the starcharts). And all purchaseable fringe ships come with a hyperdrive.

> Do freighters require special knowledge in order to be operational?
Yes, the character needs to know how to fly one. Having pilot skills, navigational skills, engineering skills -- all these would be useful in flying and maintaining the ship.