The many sides of Galaxy Force

NEW REPUBLIC: Chief of State DeVon Doyle, former Supreme Admiral of the Alliance, is now the president of the newly reformed New Republic Senate, based on the capital world of Aimer. The New Republic now governs more than one fourth of the galaxy and is fighting on equal ground against the Empire.

Key leaders in the Alliance Navy include High Admiral Blair, Admiral Madine, and Vice-Admiral MartinO.

The Light Jedi, headed by High Master Kasia, guard, protect, and defend the New Republic and are sometimes found in key positions of the Alliance Fleet.

GALACTIC EMPIRE: The current ruler of the Empire is actually an Empress. She is Lady Kryzasiah, powerful Dark Master and right hand of the late Lord Monarch (the former Emperor who reformed the dying Empire and seized Coruscant from the Alliance). Kryzasiah was believed dead years ago, but has recently reappeared. The former Emperor, Lord Helldar, another protege of Monarch, was recently killed under mysterious circumstances, leaving Kryzasiah to fill the throne and carry on her master's vision. A new Darkside Executor functions as her right-hand enforcer .

The Empire has grown and expanded over the years, reclaiming much of their lost systems. Over one-fourth of the galaxy is now held within their grasp.

The Imperial Navy is headed by Grand Admiral Pendragon, with High Admiral Vendor as his second-in-command.

Many officers within the Empire are also Dark Jedi training under the Dark Executor and other Dark Masters at Vjun, or independently at the Dark Academy under Overseer C'baoth.

CORPORATE SECTOR AUTHORITY: The Direx Board oversees the profits and businesses within the Corporate Sector. The CSA's sole reason for being is profits. They will sell to the Empire, the Alliance, anyone who can afford their often-inflated prices. They supply resources, minerals, processed metals and machinery, and numerous other goods. Unfortunately, the CSA's banking and payroll supplies also make for very rich and ripe targets. Smugglers and pirates lurk in the CSA regions of space and can become very wealthy off the hard labor of others.

Although the recent war against the Hapans has decimated most of their warships, a moderate sized Picket Fleet and starfighter corps remains, hopefully enough to repel any unscrupulous privateers.

HAPES CONSORTIUM: The Hapes Consortium is a matriarchal female-dominant society led by Queen Mother T'eklara. The Consortium is shrouded in mystery and secrecy, much like the Mist Nebulae and gases that surrounds their sector and makes astronavigation difficult. They are extreme isolationists, and will go to any depths to ensure their privacy and their technology. It is very rare to see Hapan ships outside of their borders. They are extremely aggressive and fanatical, fighting for the honor of the Queen Mother to the death. The presence of their ships sends many would be aggressors withdrawing to other regions of space.

Notable Hapan Commanders include: Royal Commander Henna, Battle Commander Mar'duk, Mandalore, and Commander Gysta.

LIGHT JEDI: High Jedi Master Kasia Doyle overseers the running of both the Light Jedi Academies. High Master Alex Tele, the head instructor and primary teacher on Aimer, introduces new Adepts to the Force and starts them down the path to becoming a Jedi. He is assisted by other notable Jedi such as: Master Darius Avonstar, Master Jacen Solo, Master Tash Arranda, and Master Ikrit.

The Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV also still stands, but is now a center for higher level learning within the Force. Head Instructor Master Cloak is assisted on Yavin by Master Anakin Solo, Master Tahiri, and others.

Elsewhere, in the Ossus system, Masters Kyp Durron, Tionne and Kam Solusar head an archaeological expedition to restore the ancient Jedi Library of Knowledge. Together, these Masters continue to train the future generations of Jedi Knights to help defend and protect the New Republic.

DARK JEDI/SITH: Unlike the Jedi Knights, the Dark Brotherhood are not centralized by a common goal or purpose. Numerous Dark Masters flourish with their own Academies, guided by their own dark greed and ambitions.

Dark Overseer Jorus C'baoth leads the largest of these hidden Academies on the remote world of Echnos. A few Sith Lords still teach their mysterious religion from Ziost, hoping to one day restore the ancient Sith Empire to its glory.

On Vjun, Dark Master Meklore runs the Imperial Dark Academy; adding the Dark Powers to the Empire's vast arsenal of destruction. The Nightsisters on Dathomir are also expanding in numbers and it is even rumored that the Krath have reformed within the Tetan system.

Other smaller Academies can also be found on Onderon and Tund, under Master Xanoxah and Lord Moonsbane respectively.

CHEVRON STATION: Located near the site of the Ghorman Massacre (which started the original Galactic Civil War years ago), the Chevron Station now provides a place for scientists and researchers to work together, unhindered by loyalties or ideologies. It hopes to solve problems and conflicts through peaceful solutions and without any loss of life.

It was proposed and implemented by New Republic Ambassador Kasia Doyle. Kasia appointed Hapan Commander Raistlin Lightstar as commander of the station. Lt Commander Anjela Tyree (whose family owned and designed the station) remained to continue running the day-to-day operations.

Ambassadors are present from all of the major factions: the New Republic, the Hapans, the Corporate Sector, and even the Empire. The smaller governements like the PSA, the ICP and the NSC have all sent representatives as well. Delegates from many independent neutral worlds have also arrived to have an equal voice. Although tempers flare and debates run hot, it is still preferable over direct confrontation and combat.

The Chevron belongs to no one faction, yet is defended by every. Each major faction has sent fighter squadrons to provide defense; these pilots must work alongside their enemy to ensure the ultimate survival of the station.

PENSTAR ALIGNMENT: The Penstar Alignment, originally known as the Pentastar Alignment, was first formed shortly after Emperor Palpatine's death at Endor. Local Imperial Moffs within the sector seized control and declared their independence; originally establishing their own private empires, then later working with the newly reborn Empire. The worlds under the control of these tyrannical leaders endured many hardships for years.

The Empress of Teta recently liberated these worlds, seizing them by force and destroying the Imperial fleet located there. The current Warlord was slain. Although her current goals and ambitions are still unknown at this time, underworld activities have increased within the PSA and the long dormant Assassin's Guild is once again on the move. It is even rumored that the Krath, an elite Dark Circle, has been reformed on Teta. Only time will tell the role this faction plays within the galactic struggle.

INDEPENDENT CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS: Lord Strahd Von Zarovich, the galaxy's wealthiest and most influential citizen, is the current President of the Independant Confederation of Planets. The ICP is a major trading industry that controls SoroSuub and numerous other major companies. They ship goods, supplies and materials to various systems and factions throughout the galaxy. While these shipments may make good targets for pirates and smugglers, the ICP has been extremely successful in deterring these criminals: the Confederation convoys have the highest reliable rate and the lowest number of pirate raids within the galaxy. "An attack on one is an attack on all." has been adopted by all the planets within the Confederation, and apparently pirates fear any retaliation for assaults against the ICP.

NEUTRAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION: The NSC (Neutral Systems Corporation), located within the Elrood Sector, is a rich mining area with many precious ores and metals needed for spacetravel. These systems have aligned for purposes of trade, protection, and shared resources and are often distrustful to any outsiders. Unfortunately, their convoys are slow and their supplies valuable. Pirates thrive throughout this region of space, hiding with the Drift Nebulae and gases, unseen on sensors. They hit the convoys and loot the cargo before assistance can arrive to help. Although the NSC does take some losses from these pirates, the profit margins still make this a worthwhile endeavor and many come in search of jobs and wealth.

The Miner's Guild and the Merchant's Guild both have essential headquarters located within the Elrood Sector.

EXODUS SHIPPING: Exodus Shipping, run by former Alliance commander Remy Lebeau, is based on Myrkr. It is a small, but growing company that transports good and supplies to many worlds and systems in the surrounding regions of space. Recently, Exodus got a very lucrative contract for trading and shipping of supplies and goods at the nearby Chevron Station. Although well defended for civilian transports, Exodus convoys still sometimes fall prey to pirates and outlaws.

DARK STAR MERCENARIES: The Dark Star Mercenaries are a small group of former smugglers, privateers, fringers, and outlaws, that have banded together in order to increase their profits and provide added protection against the larger forces within the galaxy. Based on Nova Station at the edge of the Elrood Sector, the DSM hire themselves out to anyone willing to pay. No matter what the mission, if the credits are right, they will accept the assignment.

RENEGADE ARCHONS: Perhaps the largest known pirate group in the galaxy, the Renegade Archons have plagued the Corporate Sector Authority for years. Many of these raiders, including their leader Lady Lila, were once former citizens within the CSA. They grew tired of the CSA's misuse of power and wealth, or were arrested as "political prisoners". After a daring assault and escape from Star's End prison facility, Lady Lila now hunts the CSA's payroll transports and supply convoys. It is rumored that their base is a derelict Super Star Destroyer, the Archangel, but its location and existence have yet to be confirmed.

THE BLADES: The most well-known pirates in the galaxy are, without a doubt, the Blades. These pirates, led by wanted fugitive Fhelon Sharp, plague the spaceways of every faction in the galaxy, not caring who they steal from as long as it suits their needs. When the convoys become too heavily defended to plunder, they move on to the next sector of space; usually managing to stay just one step ahead of defense fleets and patrols hunting after them. Fhelon Sharp prides himself on his honor - an honor among thieves and outlaws. It is rumored that their main base is located within an asteroid field, but that has yet to be confirmed. Their flagship while on a campaign is the Pirate's Delight, a modified Nebulon B Frigate, usually hidden somewhere in the sector they are plundering.

RED FALCONS: A small, yet quite bothersome group of pirates, the Red Falcons are led by 'Supreme Commander' Marius Telas. The Falcons have preyed upon the vessels of the Neutral Systems Corporation for months and have yet to be captured or defeated. Their current base is unknown, but is rumored to be located within the Drift Nebulae, which would distort any sensors trying to locate them.