Playing Aliens and Droids
I didn't know you were a Wookie!

This is a reminder to players using a character that is any species other than human...


Heh, that being said, I feel much better. =) Seriously though, players who have chosen to role-play alien races need to make sure to describe your character and use their alien attributes to make your character stand out in your writing. You probably picked the race because you like them and hopefully know at least a little about them. Show off, let us see what you know. Not only does it remind the reader that your character is an alien, but it also makes the storyline more descriptive and enjoyable to read.

Write descriptions of your character's alien traits: Fur, claws, scales, spots, different color skin, talons, tails, wings, whatever your species has. Describe them. Often. Doyle has a Bothan character that he describes with fur and fangs at least once in every note. It cannot detract from your storyline, merely add to it.

In the past, people have played as an alien character for months and it wasn't even known until much later. We even had a PC Emperor for almost a year before it was discovered his character was supposedly a Barabel?? I'm sorry, no matter how tolerant the Empire has become regarding alien species, non-humans don't become Emperors!! =)

Also, if you do choose to role-play a non-human, please try to make your character's occupation believable for your species. In the past, we've seen things that are a bit... strange shall we say:

A Wookie Stormtrooper?
A Jawa Starship Captain?

Even if the stories are well-written, those races normally don't fit the occupation descriptions. I can possibly see a wookie in the Imperial army as a ground force commander, if there is a valid history behind the character. But it is hard to see one in a white stormtrooper uniform. And Jawas are usually timid, scaredy-cats who run from almost anything. While they may be intelligent enough to repair a droid long enough to dump it on someone else, it's highly doubtful they could ever learn anything about astro-navigation or starship piloting. So, if you are role-playing an alien character, please take into account the inherit traits of that species before you chose your occupation and try to show that alien personality within your writing.

Finally, droids are no longer allowed as Main or Secondary Characters. (not including current droids that have been approved, of course.) Ninety-nine percent of all droids have some biological master, players seem to forget that. It is VERY rare to see a droid operating independently. Droids are to be used as NPCs to help embellish the storyline involving their PC owners, feel free to use them in that capacity; but I prefer not to have them being used as Playing Characters. Of course there are exceptions, such as Jarodnyk (who has done an excellent job with his droid character); but in general, they are not to be used as playing characters within Galaxy Force.

In closing, if your character is an alien or a droid and we don't see you writing your character as that droid/species effectively (or at least mentioning that they are different from time to time), your character will wake up discovering that they've become a human overnight due to the mighty powers of H'san the All-Powerful GodMaster incarnate! And that's all we have to say about that.... =)

Now that that is over, here are some words of advice that was originally posted by Ryn Martel, aka: Zelek Joppa. (who sadly has dissappeared into the internet void) Thanks alot, your input was appreciated!!

--- I think a major difference when RPing aliens is their thought process. Of course, this would be the hardest to play (us being human and all). But in a character, maybe you could make irrational battle decisions (for humans to comprehend) or base your decisions on the history of your race.

-Any vocal inflections? Do they speak diffenently?
-What are your species' dominant senses (Smell, Hearing)? Write unsing them instead of sight.
-What races do they hate (like Wookies/Trandoshans are mortal enemies)
-Which do they love ( the..the...anyone help here?)
-What would your alien die for? (Life-debt?? Honor?? Money??)
-What would it give up? (Sacrifice its family, lose its right to return to its homeworld)
-When you meet a new person, what would your alien notice first? (Tall, furry?? Reptilian scales?)