"You have been well-trained, my young apprentice."

The lower levels have no distinguishing ranks between Sith and Dark Jedi. Up to Sith Apprentice the Sith ranks are the same as the Dark Jedi ranks. The training is very similar. The specialization does not begin until the higher levels. You can not become worthy of the title Sith until you reach at least the Dark Knight equivalent rank.

This is the ranking system for Dark Jedi & Sith in Galaxy Force. Ranked from highest to lowest.


Adv. & Master
Dark Overseer
Dark Lord of the Sith
Dark Master
Sith Lord
Dark Mage
Sith Mage
Dark Avenger
Sith Knight
Dark Knight
Sith Apprentice

Dark Warrior
Dark Jedi
Dark Servant
Dark Acolyte