"You don't know the power of the Dark Side."

Dark Jedi. Sith. The titles are often mistakenly using the titles interchangeably, especially with the release of Episode One. This page and the Sith page hopefully will clarify the differences between the two Dark Side factions, and inform members of how they will be handled within Galaxy Force.

A Dark Jedi is the most typical wielder and user of the Dark Side. The Dark Jedi channels the Dark Side through use of anger, hate, fear, and death. He embraces the dark emotions and lets the rage and power wash over himself, channeling it through his own body. These darker emotions are often are uncontrolled and unconfined when released, but are also incredibly powerful and destructive.

The Dark Jedi has abilities in ALL areas of the Dark Side, choosing where he wishes to focus his training. Although most Dark Jedi often get the broadest base training in ALL areas of the Dark Side, they can specialize to an extent in certain areas such as lightsaber combat, mind manipulation, force lightning, or many others. Palpatine, C'baoth, Jerec, Kueller, Brakiss, Hethrir, Zekk, Sedriss, and the Nightsisters are classic examples of Dark Jedi.