Technical factors to the Force

All current Jedi powers within Galaxy Force belong to one of five disciplines: clairsentience (sense), kinesis (alter), metabolism (control), telepathy (control, alter), and metapsionics (control, alter & sense). However, each of the higher level powers within each discipline usually require all three skills.

1 - Clairsentient (sense) powers allow a Jedi to gain knowledge that is beyond the normal capacity of non-Jedi senses. For example, by communing with the Force some can see and hear events that are light-years distant, while others can sense poison.

2 - Kinetic (alter) powers allow a Jedi to move objects -- from molecule to warship -- across distances. A Jedi can throw a rock without touching it, or agitate molecules in a piece of paper until it bursts into flame.

3 - Metabolic (control, alter) powers affect the body. Biofeedback and healing are just a few of the powers known.

4 - Telepathic (control, sense) powers involve direct contact between two or more minds. Examples include mind reading, personality swapping, and psychic attacks.

5 - Metapsionic (control, alter, sense) powers amplify, augment, or enhance other Jedi abilities. This is an advanced, demanding discipline.


Every Jedi power belongs to one or more of the five disciplines. Before a character can learn a Jedi power, he must have access to the appropriate discipline. Jedi characters begin by having access to only one discipline (usually clairsentient or telepathic). As a Jedi progresses ranks, they gain access to additional disciplines.