Chevron Station
Harbor of Hope

The Chevron. A place where the galaxy's finest scientists can work together, free from political intrigue and military strategies. A place of commerce and trade. Where citizens can offer their goods and services to all manner of beings, free from oppression and unjust laws and taxes.

A place for peace. Where representatives from all factions and systems can discuss disputes before they erupt into chaos and bloodshed. If just one battle is avoided, then its purpose has been served.

Located in the Sern Sector, near the system remembered for the Ghorman Massacre. Now, the area once known for the beginning of a Galactic Civil War will become an area for peace and learning.

The Chevron subjects will be for the different departments of the Chevron and the surrounding space near the station.

Note: NPC minor/secondary characters are encouraged. Please know that we are not accepting representatives from private organizations that have 'dubious' backgrounds. So I would suggest that if you fall into this category, it's best not to let the Chevron operators know directly (IC). Mention that you have a 'private business' and that you would like to open an office on the station.