Dead or Alive

Below are the current prices listed for most common standard bounties. A list of the most current bounties issued is available from the Guild at any time (just ask the Fringe GM). Average paying commission for these standard bounties is between 10,000 to 15,000 credits.

Bounty Hunters would be wise to accept and take a few (recommend a lot) lower Captures before attempting those listed on the 10 Most Wanted.

You have been warned.



Varies, from 1000 credits for a stolen weapon to 100,000 credits for recovery of stolen technology.
recovery of in-system transport, small 5,000 credits
recovery of in-system transport, large 10,000 credits
recovery of in-system tanker 15,000 credits
recovery of inter-system transport, small 15,000 credits
recovery of inter-system transport, large 20,000 credits
recovery of inter-system tanker 25,000 credits
capture of a pirate vessel 25,000 credits
capture of a pirate crew captain 30,000 credits
capture of a pirate crew member 15,000 credits
recovery of a cultural/archaeological artifact 25,000 credits

damage or destruction of private property 5,000 credits
damage or destruction of government property 10,000 credits
inciting a riot 25,000 credits
inciting a rebellion 100,000 credits
capture of assailant, battery 5,000 credits
capture of assailant, assault with deadly weapon 10,000 credits
capture of murderer 20,000 credits
capture of slaver 30,000 credits
capture of assassin 50,000 credits
trade of embargoed technology 5,000 credits
narcotics transporter 10,000 credits
narcotics dealer 20,000 credits
narcotics manufacturer 30,000 credits
unauthorized contact with prohibited worlds 50,000 credits
creation of living/bacterial virus or plague 75,000 credits
release of prohibited virus/plague 100,000 credits
sale or transport of genetically engineered life 50,000 credits
prohibited genetic engineering/cloning 100,000 credits
possession of weaponry prohibited by law 5,000 credits
illegal possession of military weaponry 10,000 credits
illegal transport/sale of prohibited weaponry 15,000 credits
illegal transport or sale of military weaponry 20,000 credits

credit fraud 5,000 credits
unauthorized access to private secured files 10,000 credits
illegal manipulation of cybernet data 15,000 credits
unauthorized access to government secured files 20,000 credits
creation of a digital virus 75,000 credits
release of a digital virus 100,000 credits
return of escape criminal 5,000 credits
capture of a fugitive from justice 10,000 credits
unauthorized entry into planetary space 5,000 credits
unauthorized use of planetary shipping lanes 10,000 credits
unauthorized colonization 50,000 credits
unauthorized development of planetary resource 75,000 credits
espionage 75,000 credits
treason 100,000 credits