Guide on getting your character approved

Here are the suggestions we would make in regards to Character Bios. This is in regards to Primary AND Secondary characters within Galaxy Force. Follow these guidelines and your character will more than likely be approved:

Three important things: spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If this sounds kinda like an English class, well, sorry, but I guess it is. The highest priority in getting promotions, after you graduate from the Academy, is to get yourself noticed, by your Wing Commander, by High Command, by the GameMaster, and by the club in general.

Your bio, very often, is a person's first impression of you, and you've got to get people to read it so that they can get the impression you want them to have. I've found that there is more of a chance that people will read your bio if you've paid attention to these three things. If you're not real good at these, I'm sure that there are a number of people, in and outside of Galaxy Force who would be more than happy to help you.

To start you off, these are a few things that you should keep in mind that are the normal qualities of a bio for Galaxy Force:

1) Known Characters - Stay away from the Star Wars main characters unless your character only crosses their path briefly - close relations and relationships with them aren't realistic in the Star Wars universe as it has already been told and will cause us to reject your character.

2) High Ranks - Stay away from being a Jedi Knight or Master. You are more than welcome to have Force Potential and attend a Dark/Light Academy. But you are going to start as an Adept no matter what you write, so make your history fit that.

3) The Best - Stay away from being "the best at.." There are dozens of members already who try and claim the same. And those who ACTUALLY are the best, usually don't say it. However, being "very good" or "an accomplished" pilot, or whatever still carries status, and doesn't give others as much of an opportunity to prove you wrong.

4) Timeline - Lock your character into a time and place within the known Star Wars universe. We are 43 years after the Battle of Endor. Look through all the books and comics you can. If possible and the age of your character allows it, be able to point at an occurrence in the storyline (any one of the movies, comics, books, or games) and say "I was there - well not exactly THERE, I was over here at this time."

Also, if you mention an event, make sure the age of your character is correct. If you are only 25, you couldn't have been born on Alderaan. It would have already been destroyed. This will help justify the validity of your character.

5) Species/gender - The character doesn't have to be male or female, or even human. However, the farther removed your character is from yourself, the harder it is to maintain it. To make it alien, you should have a good working knowledge of that species and it's customs - or be very good at making some up so that it doesn't just look like a human wearing a costume. In other words, pick a well-known species within the Star Wars universe.

Good examples are found in the Star Wars Character Guide or the Planet/Moons Guide. Picking a race found in those will more than likely get you approved quickly (unless the race is every rare, extinct, or hates all contact with any other form of life). Normally you shouldn't make up something, or pick some distant unknown race. It more than likely won't get approved.

6) Age - Most human/humanoid type characters live to be around 80-120 in the GF universe. Try to make it believable. We probably will not have an 18 year-old High Admiral or a 65 year-old rookie pilot. Keep it realistic. Many races have long lived species, so you character may have been around for a bit longer. Wookies have around a 500 year life-span. If the race is long lived, perhaps 100 years is good starting age. Anything older than that probably will not be approved within Galaxy Force.

7) Consistency - People are either good for good reasons (in which case they tend toward altruism - Yoda types), good for bad reasons (parts of the Alliance because they're seeking revenge), bad for good reasons (this is what the Rebellion was really all about), or bad for bad reasons (evil - Vader types).

Once you establish your character, it takes revelations of religious proportions to realistically change it. In other words, you normally can't just jump from the New Republic, to the Empire, and then back to the New Republic because "you feel like it". Or vice-versa. Same for Jedi and the Force: from a Dark Jedi, to a Light Jedi, back to a Dark Jedi because "you are bored". It just doesn't work that way.

8) History/background - Where did you come from? Why are you like you are? How did you come to be in the service of the Alliance/Empire/Independent?

9) Cross-Dimensional/Alternate Universe/Time-Travel/God-Type Characters. Don't try them, they won't get approved. Nuff said.

10) Worth reading - Try to make your bio at least a page in length. This gives you the opportunity to actually give your character some depth within the club.