For all Neutral Privateers seeking to modify their ships, freighters, and transports. Maximum upgrades are posted within the ship stats. Weapon amount is subject to size and type of weaponry, and will be determined by the GM per scenerio, per ship. These upgrades are available only on neutral freighters and vessels, not for larger capital ships.

All these prices are at 5% above cost value. Any shipyard, fighteryard, repair dock, or ship dealer is free to charge whatever they like, in order for shops to turn a fair profit.

15 MGLT of extra engine power 30,000 credits
25 SBD of added shield protection 20,000 credits

5 RU's of armor hull plating 40,000 credits

Drop out, hidden, or retractable weapons:
Add another 20,000 credits to cost.
  Repeating Blaster Cannon: 5,000 credits
  Laser Cannon: 7,500 credits
  Twin Laser Cannon: 10,000 credits
  Twin ION cannon turret: 12,000 credits
  Quad-Laser Cannon: 25,000 credits
  Turbolaser: 50,000 credits
Proton Torpedo Launcher (with 3 torpedoes): 50,000 credits
Concussion Missle Launcher (with 4 missiles): 40,000 credits

Repair Droid: 75,000 credits
  Remote Anti-Assault System: 30,000 credits
  Slave Rigged To Remote: 25,000 credits
  Enhanced Sensors/Scanners: 25,000 credits
Scanner Resistant Cargo Hold: 25,000 credits
  Ship Sensor Jammers: 20,000 credits
ECM package 3 Levels (Anti-Missile): 15,000 credits
Hidden Cargo Hold (possibly scannable): 15,000 credits
Tractor Beam: 15,000 credits
  False Transponder Code: 12,000 credits
Concealed Cargo Hold (Scanner would detect): 5,000 credits





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