You have been captured by the
Submit and pledge loyalty to: Lady Kryzasiah

Imperial Class Star Destroyer V 2500 meters

It is a period of civil war

Emperor PalpatineThe Galaxy is in turmoil. Order must be restored. The Empire will ensure that it is. Since the betrayal of Lord Vader and the death of our beloved Emperor Palpatine, the Empire has undergone many changes in leadership. From Grand Admiral Thrawn, to Admiral Daala, to the countless other petty warlords and moffs. They have all tried to claim the Emperor's rightful power. They have all failed. Two decades after Endor, the Empire was believed defeated. Only a handful of Imperial commanders remained, with only a few ships and soldiers, making peace with the Rebels. The so-called New Republic thought they had finally achieved ultimate victory. They thought wrong.Emperor Monarch

A powerful Dark Master had been gathering Imperial forces in secrecy since Palpatine's initial death. Lord Monarch weilded the strength neccessary to lead the Empire to total victory over the Rebellion, crushing them in one swift strike at the very heart of the Alliance: Coruscant fell. The Empire reformed once more, emerging with as much power and destruction not seen since Palpatine. Emperor Monarch had succeeded where the others had failed.

Lord HelldarAlthough it has been thirteen years since Monarch's eventual defeat, his legacy continues to thrive. The former Emperor wore the armor of Lord Helldar, Monarch's protege who was believed dead years ago. Under his leadership, the Empire united from the verge of civil war into a powerful and deadly threat to anyone who opposed them. In an act of treason, the Emperor was slain by one of his own trusted Royal Guards, who quickly joined our lord in death.Lady Kryzasiah

Today,the Empire is ruled by Monarch's chosen prodigy, Lady Kryzasiah, who vanished after her Master's death. The Imperial Navy, under the command of Grand Admiral Pendragon, has seized over a fourth of the galaxy. The Darkside Executor, enforcer of Kryzasiah's will, has also gathered loyal Dark Jedi for his Empress, adding the fearful power of the Dark Side to the Empire's destructive arsenal.

The Galactic Empire is bringing its New Order to the galaxy. Although it faces the Rebellion on equal ground, the Empire will be triumphant. Only by doing so will it be able to restore peace to the Galaxy, united under the Dark Mistress.

The future is in Chaos, but we shall bring Order...

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